Should we be worried about Biogenetic Manipulation?

Should we be worried about Biogenetic Manipulation in the near future?

Not only will capabilities for genomic manipulation dissolve biological identity into techno-commercial processes of yet-incomprehensible radicality, but also … other things. For those keeping up with Biogenetics, etc. A conference about having transparency in the biogenetic and biotechnological worlds of techno-commercialism.

CFP: Performance Philosophy and Biopolitics, Biotechnology & Biogenetics:

This working session will explore intersections of performance and theatre with biopolitics, biotechnology, and biogenetics by looking at the ways in which life increasingly resides in a transversal realm of indistinction, which produces live (i.e. concrete and tangible) consequences within digital and embodied environments. The working session seeks to understand what theatre and performance studies can learn from a critical inquiry into biopolitics, biotechnology, and biogenetics to examine ways in which contemporary ideology gravitates towards concerns regarding transparency. By drawing on the etymology of transparency— from the Latin trans- “through” and parere “come in sight, appear”—we propose to investigate transparency and its absence as it occurs across wider areas of study which may include cinema, visual and performance arts, video gaming, and digital humanities.

Further, for bio-transgenic corporealities—from biomaterial markets to Bodyworlds—the stakes of transparency are also rooted in the passage of biomaterials across, beyond, and outside of bodies in biotechnological transformations. The trans-actions of power in the practices of biotechnology— including gene mapping, cloning, embryonic stem cell research, and blood and tissue sample collection—are embedded in questions concerning transparency, namely the mapping of the human genome, the rights to biomaterials, the profits and markets associated with biomaterials and the apparent reduction of life to scientific codes of identification through information.

One doubts that will come about too quickly when billions are at stake, and the capitalist corporations behind these technologies seek to keep their patents, and tech secret and secure. I’ve been collecting a lot of research of late on the NBIC technologies across global capitalism. The biggest impact in the near future honestly is the actual and real dilemma we face in regards to gene editing, splicing, manipulation, etc. The moment we begin altering our genome we may seed a future for a genetic divergence from homo sapiens into something else… opening the door to divergence through technological biogenetic manipulation will have definite repercussions and consequences that we will have no control over, nor even understand the unknowns of our own actions. Yet, I’m cynical enough to realize that if its already being thought, it will probably become a reality in the near future if the techno-commercialists have their way. Most of our legal systems and political resolution is far behind technology at the moment, and there is always a black market world and countries off the grid to allow such activity for a price. That’s the sad truth of it all…

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