Grimdark Fantasy


“Is it possible that existence is our exile and nothingness our home?”
― Emil Cioran

Along the usual ways men travel in a circle with no beginning or end; they come, go, compete, throng like busy ants, change places, certainly, since no matter how much they walk, they are always where they were before, because one place is as good as another in the valley without exit.

—Carlo Michelstaedter, Persuasion and Rhetoric

Grimdark Fantasy offers the reader a dark and gritty world, one much like our own only displaced into past or future, else into the urban myths and legends of a sidereal universe of amoral and grey toned zones inhabited by broken men and women. This is a realm where humanity is no longer bound to some binary philosophical or religious creed, but exists in that anti-heroic tradition of the outcast and outlaw. Noirish to the hilt this is a region of mind and flesh where humans are thrown to the dark gods of rage and war, caught up in horrors beyond imagining where life is cruel and ironic. A region that offers no reprieve, no redemption, and salvation is only a momentary movement of peace in a world where eternal war reigns. 

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