Table of Contents

Cartographies in Despair
Countries of the Moon
Grotesque Tales
Postcards from Paris
The Language of Trees
The Visitor from Kazoo
Time Traveler’s Journal

Cartographies of Despair

There is a poetry of Witness and Mourning that has been a part of human history from the beginning. Here I will honor the living and the dead memories of people of the earth who cannot defend themselves against the atrocity of the inhuman agents of evil in our world.

  1. The Dying Earth
  2. The Dark Queen of Elves
  3. The Banshee
  4. The Nightmare Lands
  5. Siren Alectronica
  6. Remembering Steven Sotloff
  7. The Living Children Are Buried Now
  8. A Witness to Gaza
  9. Boxes & Mysteries
  10. After Virgil: A Lucretian Meditation
  11. The Dweller in the Sphere
  12. Death is not a Word
  13. Columbus Meets the Arawak On Judgment Day
  14. End of the American Dream?
  15. The Art of Solitude
  16. A Death Song for Her Child
  17. Tribute in Light
  18. A Coward’s Past Betrayal
  19. Is Peace a Myth?
  20. Inside A Hollow Mind
  21. Visiting the American Ruins
  22. Clueless in New York City
  23. Old-Timer’s in Hell
  24. A Leaf in a Windy World
  25. Troubling the Waters
  26. Where Do We Come From

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Countries of the Moon

  1. Countries of the Moon
  2. Possibility
  3. Sea-drifts: A Vision
  4. Les Demoiselles d’Avignon
  5. Cassandra
  6. An Eye So Wild & Free
  7. The Lover’s Touch
  8. For My Bard, Walt
  9. Reckless Nights and Days
  10. Old Men Sing The Delta Blues: Two Songs
  11. Dog Day Afternoons of Crime
  12. Honky Tonk Dreamer
  13. What Poet’s Say and Do
  14. Cowboy Blues
  15. Being Vulnerable
  16. 350 Wolverine
  17. White Raven Dreams of Love
  18. Fatal Strategies
  19. “One day I must go to Pieria…”
  20. Song Weaver
  21. Last Cup of Cinnamon Tea
  22. When We Were Young
  23. The Indebted Man
  24. Just Another Corporate Potlatch Festival
  25. Hawks & Love
  26. Cloud Dancer
  27. White Doves
  28. “A Raven in her mind…”
  29. Where Have All The Maker’s Gone
  30. Old Woman in the Alcove
  31. The Lynx’s Eye: After Petrarch
  32. Chameolen Dreams
  33. Reaumur’s Gaze
  34. Between the thought and thing…
  35. Savanna Winds
  36. Ruins
  37. Stone
  38. Vigilance
  39. Savanna Winds
  40. A Hole in the World
  41. The Void: After Lucretius
  42. Stone Bouncing Laughter
  43. Night of the Earth
  44. Bird of Paradise – A Haiku
  45. The Moon: After Leopardi
  46. In Defense of War Poetry
  47. The green life of his art…
  48. Synthetic Dreams
  49. Cost of Awareness
  50. Cities of the Plain
  51. Hauntology
  52. What does the eye see?
  53. the girl in the red sneakers
  54. A Living Thing
  55. Tangerine Days
  56. The Gift
  57. The Lover’s Pact
  58. Open the Dark
  59. Relations
  60. Mandolin Lady
  61. Leavetaking
  62. The Journey
  63. The Pretty Hat Seller, Old
  64. Framing The Emptiness of Light
  65. Something Young And Beautiful
  66. The Lute Player (Caravaggio) – A Prose Proem
  67. White Light
  68. A Thousand Emerald Eyes
  69. Sweet River Waters
  70. I Came to the Sea

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Grotesque Poems & Tales

Welcome to the menagerie where all the evil in its most Grotesque and Macabre forms shall suddenly drip out of its slime world into your mind. Don’t worry too much about it, you’ll be alright, the nightmares, ghosts, vampires, and swamp monsters want hurt you too much. Drunks, killers, cannibals, legends of the dark places all hide out here so watch your step as you go down into the pit else something strange and eerie will attempt to take you with it.

Tales Grotesque and Macabre

  1. Grumpus Buglish and the Turning
  2. Interview, Silver City News: William H. Bonney

Poems of the Grotesque & Macabre

  1. The Mask of Death
  2. Scorpion Thoughts
  3. Night Visitants
  4. Memories & Ghosts
  5. Midnight Carnival of Tears
  6. Doubt The Butcher Came Today
  7. The Taming of the Minotaur
  8. “My duende, come for me!”
  9. Oh Hi There Glad You Could Come
  10. Crimes of the Heart: A Tale of Noir
  11. The Disquieting Truth
  12. Zeno’s Parodoxes Explained As Rest or Motion
  13. Did You See My Brain?
  14. The Hoodoo Man
  15. Table Rumors
  16. News from the Zombie Wars: A Grotesque Tale
  17. The Blue Devil in a Time Machine
  18. The Boogeyman’s Coming
  19. Miss Kitty’s Dinner Surprise
  20. The Black Prince (Satire)
  21. All Father’s Live in Death
  22. Mr. Henry Tilbane IV
  23. Old Mrs. Crotchety McGillis
  24. Did You See My Brain?
  25. What Drink Will Do And Say
  26. The Suicide
  27. Sleep Will Not Come
  28. Summer’s Queen
  29. Winter’s Queen
  30. Big Daddy Taught Me A Secret
  31. Last Stop For A Traveling Salesman
  32. His Familiar’s Back In Town
  33. Fall and Fade: A Tale of Roses
  34. The Tick-Tock Man
  35. Sand and the Devil
  36. The Masque of Misrule
  37. A Night’s Grotesquerie
  38. Love’s Cenobite
  39. Ghosts Hide In Our Neglect
  40. Insomniac Nights
  41. A Crack in Blackness
  42. Devils & Roses
  43. An Emptiness Upon a Hill
  44. City of Bones
  45. Love’s Wounds
  46. Night of Stones
  47. The Marriage Bells That Didn’t
  48. A Voice of Sorrow in the Night
  50. A Hundred Years of Death
  51. A Short Treatise on Ugliness
  52. Wings, Whiskey and Babes
  53. Is There a Doctor in the House?
  54. The Neck Job
  55. Our Rollercoaster Is Ready My Dear
  56. The Puppet on a Poem: Tales of Influence Anxiety
  57. In 1981
  58. Cities of Ghosts
  59. The Preacher Man (Southern Comic Grotesque)
  60. The “Genius” Helmet
  61. The Accident
  62. Age-Work: A Review
  63. A Wriggle & Ball of Death
  64. The Toreadors of the West
  65. Conversations & Silence
  66. A Truth Between Death & Dying
  67. Wastelands & Voices
  68. Grief & Mourning
  69. What is your bloody secret?
  70. iNeedALife
  71. Home is a State of Mind
  72. Shall We Sing of Slime
  73. Decisions & Revisions
  74. Love’s Bankruptcy
  75. Mad Song
  76. The Mad King Rides Again

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Postcards from paris

  1. The Uranian Globe
  2. Postcard from Paris
  3. The Languor’s of Love
  4. A Fool’s Wisdom
  5. A Short History of Love
  6. The Devil’s Walkngstick
  7. The Door in the Stars
  8. Mr. Anonymous
  9. Complaints & Questions
  10. She is my Seamtress
  11. Sea Dreams & Houses
  12. Like a Jazzman Does
  13. A Mind of Light & Darkness
  14. Dark Whispers
  15. 911 Help on its way?
  16. On Reading the Best American Poetry
  17. A Lover’s War Is Humming
  18. Women Need Love Too
  19. Southern Nights
  20. Rainbow Days in Oregon
  21. Tornados & Dragons
  22. The Obscenity of Things
  23. The Staging of Innocence
  24. To Mom from your Daughters
  25. Posmodern Ennui
  26. Faceless on Facebook
  27. Simon Magus and Helen
  28. Earth Song, An Elegy
  29. Achilles Curse
  30. A Lover’s Complaint
  31. When The Green Night Sleeps
  32. A Comic Book Hero For My Daughter
  33. We Return You to Your Local Channel
  34. A Minor Apocalypse
  35. Mythologies of Light
  36. “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”
  37. A Woman Walks by the Sea
  38. A Viral Argument Against Stupidity
  39. The Sorrowing Flute
  40. Over The Green Hedge
  41. The Circuitry of Love and Sorrow
  42. The Medusa: After Caravaggio
  43. The Fallen One
  44. Black Candles
  45. My Vacation to the Stone Hotel
  46. Just Another Lost Joke Looking For A Drink
  47. Love Spurned by Lack of Touch & Feeling
  48. The Smile is Still There
  49. Transfiguration
  50. Ironwood
  51. Lazy Afternoons & Mint Juleps
  52. The Crayon Tao
  53. Pastel Days & a Muse’s Laughter
  54. Two Lovers
  55. The Languor’s of Love
  56. Country Love
  57. An Affinity for Flying Things
  58. Objects & Love
  59. The Art of Names
  60. She’s gone, my love is gone
  61. Winter’s Lover

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The Language of Trees


Robert Graves is the author of over one hundred books, besides a number of anonymous rewrite jobs for friends. His most important prose work is The White Goddess, a history of poetic myth—“the language of poetic myth . . . was a magical language bound up with popular religious ceremonies in honor of the Moon goddess, or Muse . . . and this remains the language of true poetry—‘true’ in the nostalgic modern sense of the ‘unimprovable original, not a synthetic substitute’”. The true poet worships the White Goddess, or goddess of creation; unswerving and absolute devotion to her is the poet’s only path. He “falls in love, absolutely, and his true love is for him the embodiment of the Muse.”

The Language of the Trees

A Modern Herbal

Seasonal Poems: Birds, Animals, and Myths

Deep Songs of Earth

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The Visitor from Kazoo

  1. The Visitor from Kazoo
  2. Curiosity & Angels
  3. Do You See The Little Angels In The Sky
  4. The Book of Imaginary Travels
  5. The Book of Dead Things
  6. On Reading A Tale of Wonder
  7. The Green Beast Quick As Night
  8. I Contemplate the Mugwu Tonki
  9. The Great Wizard of the Goblins
  10. At The Black Gate of Zag
  11. The Boga in the Tree

Stories & Oddities

  1. Grumpus Buglish and the Turning
  2. A Hippo from Aleppo
  3. Mrs. Snipe Goes Hunting
  4. Mrs. Marble and Dr. McCool
  5. Mr. Henry Tilbane IV
  6. Old Mrs. Crotchety McGillis
  7. Happiness Is?
  8. White Wolf Clan Sings of Wolf Woman
  9. Circle and Flame
  10. Aladdin and his Genii
  11. Humpty is a Rumpy Dumpty Man

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Time Traveler’s Journal

When one hasn’t had a good father, it is necessary to invent one. – Fredrick Nietzsche

Time Traveler’s Journal (Series Poem)

  1. Time Traveler’s Journal: Entry #1
  2. Time Traveler’s Journal: Entry #31
  3. Time Traveler’s Journal: Entry #55
  4. Time Traveler’s Journal: Entry #83
  5. Time Traveler’s Journal: Entry #132
  6. Time Traveler’s Journal: Entry #179
  7. Time Traveler’s Journal: Entry #201
  8. Time Traveler’s Journal: Entry #241

& Other Poems

  1. Calligraphy of Time
  2. Decisions & Revisions
  3. Cold Mountain
  4. The Enchantment
  5. To Say The World
  6. House of Light
  7. Love’s Tower
  8. The Myth of Objects
  9. He is Sleeping Now
  10. The Journey of Poetry
  11. The Ordinary is Beautiful
  12. “Duende” – After Lorca
  13. Scorn of Pastoral
  14. Poet Manqué
  15. On Reading Petrarch’s ‘Secretum’
  16. The Hoodoo Man
  17. Words
  18. The Hunt
  19. Robot Fables
  20. The Immortalist
  21. Portrait of a Metal Angel
  22. My Son the Robot
  23. Dawn of Aotearoa
  24. The Curse of Gaia
  25. Providence
  26. A Dirge for the Elders
  27. Potato Rock
  28. Ironwood
  29. Southern Hospitality
  30. Sweet River Waters
  31. The Heresy of Light
  32. Home is a State of Mind
  33. Dawn’s Early Rising
  34. After Virgil: A Lucretian Meditation
  35. The Fury’s Madness
  36. A Siren’s Song
  37. The Voices and the Silence
  38. Two Fair Things in the World
  39. A Glimpse of Possibility

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