The Cult of ChemSex?


In an article that asks Chemsex: how dangerous is it? a few thoughts came to me…

I think the difference between current chemsex and that which I grew up within during the sixties is one of hope against despair. In the sixties we still had the illusion of hope: drugs, rock-n-roll, and a mixture of the soft rebel and the laughing hyena. Hendrix, Joplin, Eddie Cochran… and, so many more went down not in apathy, but at the high-point of their jouissance. Else there were those that shot the dive into the dark like Sid Viscious with a final sense of “hell, here i come” belligerence. In our time the young have sex, chems, and music to hide from their parents stupidity, rather than to protest it; the despair of a future gone south, a world collapsing, and a zombie culture bent on hyper-death. Today it’s the “young, affluent professionals” rather than some time-out-of-joint hippie culture spiking the juice with extended peak sex: the chemical suicides of a cult of erotic death-metal in hyperdrive. A nihilist prelude to the Singularity, zombies for the automated death-machines of an unbound future.

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