Published Works





My latest essay “Thomas Ligotti: The Radiant Abyss” just published in Vastarien: A Literary Journal Volume 2, Issue 2 Summer 2019

Published Fiction

The Labyrinth of Night,” The Siren’s Call Issue 46 (August, 2019) Weird Tale

The Immortalist,” The Siren’s Call Issue 45 (June, 2019) Weird Tale

“Going South,” Belle Rêve Literary Journal (Tuesday January 24th, 2017) Weird Tale

I Wake To Angels On My Lids,” Near to the Knuckle ( January, 25, 2017) Flash Fiction

Laughing Jack,” Aphelion (December 4th, 2016) Weird Tale

Published Non-Fiction

Thomas Ligotti: The Radiant Abyss,” Vastarien: A Literary Journal Volume 2, Issue 2 Summer 2019

Work in Progress

Night and the River

The Fall of Alûmbrindor

A few of my own short stories in the Country noir sub-genre:

6 thoughts on “Published Works

    • No, none of the above. I’m just a guy whose been curious about everything my whole life. I woke up after Viet Nam with a need to understand why we do the things we do as a species, so I began investigating anything and everything from books to stars… at 65 I still don’t have an answer, but I’ve got a helluva a lot more questions. 🙂

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  1. Dear Mr. Hickman- Thank you so much for this incredible ocean of fascinating resources which I have been poring over for a number of months! I’m currently in the middle of writing my masters dissertation, [on canned laughter and modernity] and would very much appreciate your insight on a couple of issues and potential links to areas of your expertise. If you would be willing to answer a few questions for me, I would so much appreciate it. Do let me know if I am able to send you something via email. Thank you!!


    • Hi Zoe! Thanks for the enthusiasm… I don’t give out my email for obvious reasons of spam from my site. If yo don’t mind leaving your email I’ll message you back. Been on hiatus for a few months, taking a break from my blogging to finish construction on home currently. But sure, I can answer a few questions for you to be the best of my ability.


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