4 thoughts on “Published Fiction

    • No, none of the above. I’m just a guy whose been curious about everything my whole life. I woke up after Viet Nam with a need to understand why we do the things we do as a species, so I began investigating anything and everything from books to stars… at 65 I still don’t have an answer, but I’ve got a helluva a lot more questions. 🙂


  1. Dear Mr. Hickman- Thank you so much for this incredible ocean of fascinating resources which I have been poring over for a number of months! I’m currently in the middle of writing my masters dissertation, [on canned laughter and modernity] and would very much appreciate your insight on a couple of issues and potential links to areas of your expertise. If you would be willing to answer a few questions for me, I would so much appreciate it. Do let me know if I am able to send you something via email. Thank you!!


    • Hi Zoe! Thanks for the enthusiasm… I don’t give out my email for obvious reasons of spam from my site. If yo don’t mind leaving your email I’ll message you back. Been on hiatus for a few months, taking a break from my blogging to finish construction on home currently. But sure, I can answer a few questions for you to be the best of my ability.


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