On Fantastic Horror and Cosmic Nihil


The Fantastic is situated between the Marvelous and the Uncanny… Horror lives in that space that draws from all three: and presents the faces of the sublime and disgust, beauty and the ugly.

The Sublime was originally the elevation of that which is so horrible and fascinating at the same time that it cannot be described nor reduced to the images of mundane existence, but rather must enter into the music of the word, the dance or gleam on the edge of things, the invisible that becomes almost for a moment visible; not to our sight, our eyes, but rather to our mind.

The ugly and the distasteful or disgusting bring us back down into the revolting mass of our toxic envelopment in the Real, in the bodily farce of existence itself. Disgust reminds us of that which surrounds us and would deign to kill us at each and every moment of our lives, to corrupt us and degrade us into a massive slime entity without thought or sentient existence – only the vibratory electricity of death interminable.

Cosmic Horror seeks the ineffable corruption of all things absolute and beyond (transcendence), while the tentacular horror brings you to the monstrous mutations of your earthly dance in the slime (immanence). If one can bring both together not in fusion but in fission then one collapses all things into the immanent transcendence of the Real, the horror of the Void; the utter indifference of the Universe.

It is here that the fatalism of laughter begins…

4 thoughts on “On Fantastic Horror and Cosmic Nihil

  1. If external forces do not exist, if life is Buddhist solipsism, then one creates their own reality. If reality is causing unsatisfying engagements with dark forces, disgust, Sartre nausea, projectile vomiting, diarrhea, death and decay, then change one’s thoughts, and thereby change one’s destiny(-ation). The word de jour in fashion is quantum, yet this only speaks of a priori speculative probability, Einstein’s spooky action at a distance, which is just a modern replacement term for Frazer’s sympathetic magic. Frazer’s sympathetic magic is mind-over-matter voodoo.

    In “Shamanism and the Evolutionary Origins of Schizophrenia”-Joseph Polimeni states that shamans spend a significant amount of time cursing other tribes in war preparation
    (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJN3D8UhtGQ). So much for getting back to nature.

    Choose good thoughts. Will good thoughts into being. Willpower is scientific (“Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength” – Baumeister and Tierney).

    Don’t create, produce, direct, observe and consume horror. One is what one eats. Then the Magic Kingdom where Saturn does not consume his children and engage with (For) (U)nlawful (C)arnal (K)nowledge with his mother, will come into being.

    If external visible forces and/or invisible spirits do exist, while that’s a different narrative, the same diet applies in order to heroically escape the dark labyrinth, and enter into Happy Land victorious. And find someone to love, and make it last.

    Joseph Campbell – On Becoming Adult
    (@3:00 “In New Guinea, … now the demon, dragon, Grandpa is coming to eat you, …) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGx4IlppSgU

    Rush – Ghost of a Chance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgqkhArHBHM


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