The Blue Devil in a Time Machine

“I’m a blue devil in a time-machine:
run-a-way child, run-a-way; 
devil goin’ to get his due today, child!”

– graffiti on a prison cell wall circa. 2153 B.C.E.

The stranger came to town today.
Nobody knows from where;
he’s got this funny look: a glass-eye stare.

Nobody seems to care,
he seems to know and not to know you’re there;
a ghost, a ghoul – a twisted thing.

Someone said he took up with Rita
down at the red light tavern;
and he’s been seen at night

carrying a briefcase and a cane;
some say he’s up till dawn, singing;
but no one will catch him, now,

because he’s the Sleeper Man,
and his eyes never close; never smile.
Today he came for me, asking

me to sip his poison clean;
and I, like love’s fool, said yes, indeed.
I’m standing here in the dark

watching the last car go by,
not knowing if she’ll come to stay.
At nine I feel her cold hand

upon my slender neck,
the slow pulsing of her lifeless boon.
I feel the knife explode inside my head.

Now I know who he is: the boogeyman;
but don’t ask me to resist;
her dark love is real and true.

Now if a white lie be told:
I just tell the funny girls
he’s just a slick ‘blue devil

in a time-machine’,
a gypsy joker, a handsome fool
who lied to me;

slipped below
where all good children go,
and angels desecrate;

to that vacuous paradise
this side of hell,
where time stands still

and we like lover’s spin
in cruel delight; our respite
from flesh and bone

our wedding vows
undone, bestowed;
those gray stones

below; a threshold’s throw,
where that black whirl of a world
erupts, and the King of Harlequins defiles lost souls. 

– Steven Craig Hickman ©2014 Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author is strictly prohibited.

13 thoughts on “The Blue Devil in a Time Machine

  1. Steven that was fabulous! I love the story – I love all of your stories, like reading and being unable to resist turning to the next page. Will you invite me to the wedding? I’ll be sure to wear black. 😉


    • Why sure… 🙂 I’ll even provide you with the black and white roses… and some ambergris for your cheeks. With a lovely royal blue orchids for your bouquet with a diamond cluster just below your navel. And Bird of Paradise feathers for your pretty head… haha!

      Now all I need to do is figure out why I’m getting married … and, we’re fine… 🙂


      • Well hell (yes I know you like that word lol) – left up to me, I might just have to jack up my AC in order to induce another heat wave. lolol.

        I’ve been a bi-polar writer from morning to night today – well I guess it’s now tomorrow. It’s the onion … that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 😉 I’m eating grapes and listening to Blue Oyster Cult.


      • Heading back to the fridge for some sharp cheese – and just switched to Van Morrison. How I do love the darkness of night – nocturnal in nature – though I also enjoy daybreak —- it’s the in-between I don’t fancy all that much.


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