E.M. Cioran – The Irreparable Uniqueness Of Things

“Existence is legitimate and valuable only if we are capable of discerning, at whatever level, even that of the infinitesimal, the presence of the irreplaceable. If we fail, we reduce the spectacle of process to a series of equivalances and simulacra, to a play of appearances against a background of identity. We imagine ourselves clearsighted, and doubtless we are, but our perspicacity, by dint of making us waver between the futile and the funereal, ends by plunging us into fruitless ruminations, in the abuse of irony and the complacencies of denial. Despairing of ever being able to confer upon our imprecise animosities the density of venom, and, moreover, weary of laboring over the invalidation of Being, we turn to those who, engaged in the enterprise of praise, superior to the shadows, dare consent to everything, because for them everything counts, everything is irreparably unique.”

– E.M. Cioran

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