Resistance & Rebellion


Urban cannibalism is the nemesis of a savage technocapitalism, an end to the endless cycles of desiring-production-consumption that have entered the stage of the vomitorium purge cycles of slash and burn repetition without end. But is it? Are we not seeing in our time a migration from the material into the immaterial production of a new capitalism beyond the consumerist topos? An immaterial capitalist materialism that has inverted the very categories of the cannibalistic project? Are we not in the midst of this very inversion of cannibalistic practices (and have been since the birth of Quantum mechanics or before?) in which the modulation of power is converting the very material processes into an ’empty time’? What Deleuze would term the “virtual quantity” – the passage from one sensation into the other as becoming, as increase or decrease in power (Immanence: A Life, p. 25).

This sense of the revolt of the zombies, the masses arising within the new urbanomy in which it is no longer Chronos eating his children, rather the culinary art of feasting on the bones of the capitalist financiers and bankers who have eviscerated the earth is the new order of the day: the children in this new immanent virtuality, that seems “like magic (in the ancient, soul-seizing sense), and panicked spectators reflexively grasping for the hidden agents of ‘animistic’ or religious interpretation, compelled by categorical intuitions far older than the human species” will provide the tables at the heart of the Ultra-Cities where capitalist-production becomes something else, something other in the metrophagy of its children’s desires.

Or, should we break free of this endless cycle of production-consumption which if we read it right: is the self-referentiality of the linear or integral vision of capital itself: – this endless desiring-production that becomes desiring-consumption? Is that artificiality of capitalism rather the naturalized and organic loop of its own cannibalistic maximization of profits? The very nature of the beast as Janus faced mouth and anus: cycling the zombie flesh of its children in endless productivity and exclusion? Has civilization finally engorged itself upon its own flesh for too long? Are now in the moment when the engorgement turns bulimic: an eating disorder characterized by binge eating and purging, or consuming a large amount of its own marketable profitability. In short, are we moving into a time of riddance, a time of purging, a new Age of the Vomitorium – a new amphitheatre of the socius: a site providing rapid egress for our zombie-flesh consumers in their binge-and-purge cycles as they cannibalize the last vestiges of civilized life becoming in the process the very inhuman beings they already are? Is the posthuman nothing other than this becoming machinic: an endless movement of zombie-flesh into the cycles of a vomitorium machinic phylum?

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