Poetry & Appreciations

From the beginning, if there was a beginning, this degenerate little town has become ever more degenerate… —Thomas Ligotti

In this sense the creation and catastrophe were one and the same. Our universe has been from the beginning, if indeed there was a beginning, one long journey into degeneration; an entropic swerve toward death, which if all signs are correct is accelerating us into oblivion and the scattering of dust in eternal night. This little section of my grotesquerie invites you to share the poetry of this darkness, to become one with the intimate erotic and scabrous art of ecstatic horror; come to know – if indeed knowing is the correct term, and be know by what is oldest in yourself; know the darkness and inhuman nullity at the core of your being is none other that the essence of this estrangement from the monstrosity of the universe of decay and rampant process; an endless voyage of disquieting abjectness that fills you with the graceless grace of terror’s beatitude.

Poems of the Darkness 

  1. The Ventriloquist’s Art
  2. Chasing Devils In Our Wine
  3. Tattoo Apocalypse
  4. Shadows & Light
  5. Flight
  6. Drifts
  7. Darkness
  8. Wisdom Chaser
  9. Night’s Carnival
  10. The Vicious Circle
  11. The Red Stain
  12. Oedipal Bastards Like Us
  13. The Blooms That Will Not Rise
  14. Before the Plague
  15. Blind
  16. House of Love and Curses
  17. Lies Never End
  18. In the absence of love…
  19. Bone Turned Stone
  20. Old Man in the Dark
  21. The Hoodoo Man
  22. A Dry Leaf in a Windy Land
  23. Paw Paw
  24. Countries of the Moon
  25. She Sang Me Into Light
  26. Death is not a Word
  27. “Duende” – After Lorca
  28. Honky Tonk Dreamer
  29. Reckless Nights and Days
  30. Postmodern Ennui
  31. The Mask of Death
  32. Troubling the Waters
  33. The Taming of the Minotaur
  34. A Death Song for Her Child
  35. Doubt The Butcher Came Today
  36. Old Men Sing The Delta Blues: Two Songs
  37. Scorpion Thoughts
  38. The Blue Devil in a Time Machine
  39. The Black Prince (Satire)
  40. Night Visitants
  41. Hawks & Love
  42. “My duende, come for me!”
  43.  Land of the Free
  44.  A Shore History of Insanity
  45. The Philosopher of one Leg
  46. Bodies & Languages
  47.  Night Duty
  48.  The Democratic Ghost Machine
  49. The Last Troubadour
  50. The Logics of Worlds
  51. Outside Utopia
  52.  Exit
  53. If My Skin Were Blue
  54. Graffiti Love
  55. Let The Dead Speak
  56. On First Seeing Courbet’s ‘L’Origine Du Monde Blonde’
  57. I Turn Away To Shadows
  58. Even As Night Comes
  59. The Lost Cause
  60. Where Have All The Maker’s Gone
  61. Subtraction
  62. The Suicide
  63. Love’s Lost Kingdom
  64. A Curse or Blessing?

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