Contemporary Poets, Poetics & Reviews


Here you’ll find reviews of contemporary poetry, reviews, and criticism from my blog.

Contemporary Poets and Poetics

 – Christian Bök: “We are perhaps the first generation of poets who can reasonably expect to write poems for a machinic audience…”

Appreciations & Reviews

 – Wallace Stevens: The Plain Sense of Things: For Stevens all of poetry had become a “minor house” a place of no place, a heterocosm that “badly needed paint”.

 – Between Badiou and Valery: The Poetics of Subtraction and Dissemination: Poetry, alas, is receding from us.

 – Alain Badiou on Pasolini: The real is the concrete becoming of struggle and negation. But how is it possible to understand or know History?

 – Alain Badiou: Epic Poetry and Communism: The communists’ poem is first the epic of the heroism of the proletarians.

 – Dark Earth: Poetry of Dean J. Baker: What struck me intensely about Dean’s poetry is this sense of earthiness and despair tinged with a dark humor…

 – Joseph Nechvatal: Destroyer of Naivetés: This work – not so much poetry, as a gob of light spattered across the black immiseration of our insanity…


Poetic Thought of the Day

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Ramblings in the Grist Mill

K. A. Brace: Lucretian Poet of Mind and Eye
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