John Weeks On Greece: A spectre is haunting Europe — the spectre of democracy


John Weeks has an excellent article on OpenDemocracy siteA spectre is haunting Europe — the spectre of democracy. In this essay he clearly shows that Troika has no intentions of sponsoring any real substantive economic bailout for Greece. In fact many of its members of Troika have set the new and belligerent neo-reactionary tone:

In pursuit of setting “the EU’s political agenda”, Mr Tusk cemented his right-wing credentials by stating publicly that “I am really afraid of this ideological or political contagion, not financial contagion, of this Greek crisis”. Lest anyone miss his point, the former Polish prime minister went on to say that his concern was caused by the “radical leftist illusion that you can build some alternative” to the EU’s neoliberal economic model.

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Economists Piketty and Sachs send Merkel a Message


The open letter, which was signed by Thomas Piketty of the Paris School of Economics and Jeffrey D. Sachs from Columbia University among others, urged Merkel to make concessions towards Greece.

“To Chancellor Merkel our message is clear: we urge you to take this vital action of leadership for Greece and Germany, and also for the world. “Right now, the Greek government is being asked to put a gun to its head and pull the trigger,” they said in the letter.

“History will remember you for your actions this week. We expect and count on you to provide the bold and generous steps towards Greece that will serve Europe for generations to come.”