China’s Air Pollution: 4,400 deaths per day…

Image from Berkley Earth

Image from Berkeley Earth

Reading an article in which we discover that China’s use of coal is out of control and causing 4,400 deaths a day and 1.6 million deaths per year. As Lucy Liu on Shanhaiist says:

China gets about 64 percent of its primary energy from coal, according to National Energy Administration data. It’s closing the dirtiest plants while still planning new, cleaner ones. The country is expected to shut 60 gigawatts of plants from 2016 to 2020 though three times as many plants are scheduled to be built using newer technology, according to Sophie Lu, a Bloomberg New Energy finance analyst in Beijing.

Back in March this year, a landmark film about China’s catastrophic air pollution titled Under the Dome by journalist Chai Jin went viral on Chinese social media. But just several days later, the documentary was deleted from major Chinese video websites under the orders of the central propaganda department.

Interesting Expose on Illegal Fishing in Antartica


NY Times has an interesting expose on a trawler, the Thunder sinking after a long chase by the Sea Shepherd organization.

For 110 days and more than 10,000 nautical miles across two seas and three oceans, the Bob Barker and a companion ship, both operated by the environmental organization Sea Shepherd, had trailed the trawler, with the three captains close enough to watch one another’s cigarette breaks and on-deck workout routines. In an epic game of cat-and-mouse, the ships maneuvered through an obstacle course of giant ice floes, endured a cyclone-like storm, faced clashes between opposing crews and nearly collided in what became the longest pursuit of an illegal fishing vessel in history.

Read A Renegade Trawler.