Bitcoin and Blockchain Startups: Venture Capital invested $375 Million Raised in 2015


Keeping track of Blockchain and Bitcoin related news. Discovered that Venture capitalists are on the increase again. Blockchain related technologies have over 2014-2015 raised over $600 Million in various start ups. Looks like a new technology revolution in the making. If you’re young and a developer this would be a field to definitely look into. If I wasn’t retired I would. I downloaded the open source and the various toolkits needed to create a base app. Fun development. Needs a lot of improvement. This would be a great place to begin building a development interface to interoperate with these various technologies. At the moment everything is done at command line. I moved the code to my Linux system and love it so far. The Bitcoin Developer API’s can be found here on

Below is some information of various money being invested into start ups…

WallStreet Journal in an article Blockchain Lands Biggest Ever Venture Funding Round in Bitcoin Industry reports:

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