The Dark Queen of Elves

The Dark Queen of Elves

She sits on her throne of bones and thorns
In the heart of the forest where no light shines.
She rules with an iron fist and a cruel smile,
Over her subjects who live in fear and pain.

She flies on her wings of ash and smoke
In the shadows of the night where no moon glows.
She plots with a wicked mind and a cold, cold heart
Over her enemies who live in dread and woe.

She has no love for beauty or joy or grace,
She only delights in darkness and decay.
She feeds on the misery and despair of others
To remain cold and beautiful as an undying Fae.

She casts her spells on all who dare
To enter her domain of spells and fear.
She binds them with her icy glare,
And whispers deadly curses in their ear.

She feeds on sorrow and despair,
And revels in their pain and woe.
She has no mercy and no care,
So beware falling beneath her evil eye’s glow.

She is the Dark Queen of Elves,
Mistress of nightmares and horrors of old.
She is the enemy of all that is good and fair,
She will never let go when she holds you close.

— s.c. hickman ©2023

©2023 Art by S.C. Hickman

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