It’s Best to Remain Silent

Nonetheless, the condemnation of pleasure and their contempt for humanity by the ascetics of the desert or forest betray their inability to actually free themselves. Were I to withdraw into the most fearsome desert, renounce everything, and live in absolute solitude, still I would never dream of despising men and their pleasure. Since I cannot really enter eternity through renunciation and solitude, since I shall die like the rest, why despise them, why call my way the only true one? All the great prophets lack discretion and human understanding. I witness pain, old age, death, and I know that they cannot be overcome; but why should I spoil another’s enjoyment with my knowledge?

—E.M. Cioran, On the Heights of Despai

2 thoughts on “It’s Best to Remain Silent

  1. If our ultimate context is Nothing, there is no guide to the right response to this context, there is nothing evidential to validate any one response over any other with regard to our ultimate context, but recognising this as our true context does free us from every positive claim about what is ultimately nothing, there is (shockingly) nothing to follow or obey, leaving us entirely responsible for ourselves, a reality every delusion is designed to hide us from.

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    • Every response is personal and part of the forgetting we must all endure. The cries of the ancient apes at the death of a friend or loved one, the anguish that has no name – deep seated and full of long suffering that is memory and consciousness. Sadly, even that will pass into nothingness, as will every particle of this known and unknown universe. From nothingness-to-nothingness pass time, memory, and consciousness.


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