The Betrayal of the Ephemeral

To have seen the golden spray of leaves,
Sun dashed gleams upon the morning grass,
The shadowed play of snowcapped mountains
Rise above the darkened growth of forest;
The natural in its ephemeral silence, absolved
Of human want or need, a world without us
Seeking nothing more than its secret abysses.
One has no right to speak before this betrayal.

©2021 S.C. Hickman

5 thoughts on “The Betrayal of the Ephemeral

  1. Yo bro, good to see u haven’t used that shotgun yet. I Been reading Prigigone’s book on thermo in between stressing about my dads Bank foreclosing on me and destroying my car doing grubhub, and I thought to check ur page. Here is quote by Prigigone and Kondupei which u may find of interest

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