On Scientism

Scientism: Scientism is the dogma that the sciences have access to truths that hold some essential Truth denied by other organizations of knowledge. It is a secular religion with its own hierarchy of priests, theologians, and secular proselytizers who deny all other forms of truth beyond their own. Scientific dogma holds that both philosophy and religion are the opiate of former ages, a form of thought surpassed under the aegis of scientific method and inquiry.

Of course the defenders of philosophy and religion dispute such claims and the wars of thought go on… Why do men seek dogmas, seek to ground their stubborn beliefs in systems of thought or inquiry that in their own domain hold great promise, but the moment they assume the mantle of spokesman or preachers of the Real and Reality they suddenly seem superficial navigators of the horizon of thought?

The sad thing in our own time is that the sciences being funded by government and corporations have also been bound by those ideologies to say and do only what their respective employers or political affiliations allow them too. Sciences as an empirical naturalism was once a great tool for exploration of the world and the cosmos; and, still is. But over time it has become dominated by both political and monetary (capitalist) forms to the detriment of empirical investigation and the common hope of humanity. Will this ever change?

4 thoughts on “On Scientism

  1. I’m thinking that if you can fathom it, there must be some truth in it somewhere, even if that information needs to be extrapolated for use in a different application.

    Society has become very ‘faction-istic’, that is why we see so many ‘offended’ people. They want nothing more than everyone to think and act like them, so everyone can be in the same faction, act and believe the same way. Which, I think, would prove very productive and ground breaking only if it is in fact the very best possible path, BUT who determines what that one mind set should be? Who determines the ultimate way-to-go?

    The Law Of One is an interesting food for thought where Ra is many, but acts as one.

    I realize this is a deviation from your subject, but that is where my train of thought lead me after reading your article.

    What you post here is very interesting and thought provoking, which leads me to another thought – 9/10 people today do not like interesting or thought provoking, but thrive in a state of conflict, such as this meandering election business, they LOVE to sit there and concentrate over “WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT”, but when it’s over, they will forget about it and not think twice again. If you ask them several years later, they will probably forget. AND, if it happens again, they will treat it like it’s the first time it ever happened. They are trying to suck every ounce of airtime on the television out of, again, focusing on a conflict.

    Where does the faction ( in a sense of very similar like-ness ) meet up with conflict? I’m afraid it doesn’t work with our current society. It’s similar to asking for directions, and the person answers, “Sorry bud. You can’t get there from here.”


    • Yea, people can’t bare too much reality; rather they discover instead ways to distract themselves from it by limiting their consciousness to all those little distractions of entertainment: movies, novels, family, friends, lovers, etc. etc., anything to keep them from facing the emptiness of their lives alone. As long as they can fill their lives with temporary delusions and illusions they are happy. It’s the rest of us that bare the brunt of the Real… the emptiness of things, the incompleteness that surrounds us. We are the idiot questioners who are not satisfied with the temporary solutions offered us in religion, philosophy, science, etc. We probe the abyss and find the abyss staring back at us with an alien majesty we can neither comprehend nor understand; rather it feeds us with its infernal light goading us onward in our solitary quest and lust for knowledge or gnosis… we are those who seek answers that do not have easy solutions. We are the ones who let the Outside in… and it changes us and never stops.

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      • I congratulate you on your articulation, sir. If I were to make a book of interesting, original quotes, what you just said would land a page.

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