I’m not a religious man, yet…

I’m not a religious man but I’ve always loved the sentiment of Paul in this passage:

“Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not love, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.”

We humans are a deluded lot. Some of us know it, others deny it. The universe as science and nihilism teach us doesn’t give a shit about our loves or hates, our hopes or desires. It is absolutely indifferent to our human wants or needs. Yet, that is it, isn’t it: We know this, and we also know that all meaning we impose on this indifferent universe is a delusion; and, yet, without these feelings of love or hate what would we in the end do or be? In the end we need our delusions, our dreams, our madness. Otherwise we might as well as the extreme pessimists suggest end it all in a grand bonfire of suicidal war to the last creature. But there is something in us that dissuades us from such extremes, something that brings us to laugh at our own inanity, our comic fatalism intact. Even now as bad as it is on this planet – and, it is bad and we all know it – we still need the simple day to day feeling of loving and being loved. It’s what gets us through the day… without tears or laughter what would we be? Zombies or psychopaths…. mindless, gutless manipulators of life-in-Death without end.

We see that in our so called leaders, in the right-wing morons that shed nothing but crocodile tears that mean nothing, who gloat and steal from the poor and oppressed to give to their rich Oligarchs and corporations at the expense of the people. One turns an eye toward history and sees it is the same now as it has always been in this world. Sadly. And, yet, the simple truth of those of us at the bottom of the emotional heap still trudge on and care and love and feel for people the best we can. It has always been that way, and always be. Compassion is all that remains… the memory of one who gave a shit, who cared, and loved. Nothing else remains, that’s why those who seek power, those who oppress will vanish forever from memory….

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