Jason Starr: The Allurements of the Dark City

I’ve been an avid fan of Horace McCoy and James M. Cain forever, the one a working-class nihilist and absurdist of crime fiction whose guide to despair and futility always entertained even as they lead us into the ruins of self-defeat; the other a portrayer of the dark side of sex and torment in a world where love is hell, and the only way of escape is to enter the darkest avenues of this ruinous world of twisted pain till it hurts so bad you begin to feel again…

Jason Starr who combines these two extremes in both his Cain like updates of our late panic worlds of sex and crime, and in his takes on Gotham City and Ant Man has never seemed to draw a mainstream audience. Which I’m sure is fine with him and us; being one of his extremophile admirers I’ve liked visiting his singular climes of derision, satire, and comic fatalism for years.

Author of Tough Luck and Twisted City, and co-author with the Irish noirist Ken Bruen (think: Bust and Pimp!) he offers us a city of night in broad daylight colors; delving into the broken minds of psychopaths and socio-paths alike, bringing us a vision of the underbelly of our personal hells as we live and breath it. Yet, it’s his keen wit and dark humor, the satiric eye and sense of the proverbial mix of bottom-feeders and unknowing normals which provoke in us not so much disgust as fascination and the allurements of lives lived on the edge of panic and mayhem.


If you’ve not read Jason before then The Follower might be just the ticket as Jason follows a strange sort of twisted stalker and his beautiful prey into the dark city…

Learn more about Jason and his works on his site:


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