Writer’s block?

What? Writer’s block? I don’t have time… sorry… Just do it… I get up every morning and put out gibberish, then crazy stuff, then poetry, then hack crap, then a good sentence… then I say: “Okay, let’s start with that!” Follow that good sentence to the moon; no finger pointing Zen allowed… just a shit load of work: never ending work… and tired fingers… well… and being a little insane helps too!!!

7 thoughts on “Writer’s block?

  1. typo. see above. it would explain your OCD preoccupation with horror. Are you related to his guy? Whatever, I still like your non-horror stuff. Don’t be mad at me, just in case you are related to the other Hickman. Peace out.


    • No, not really an obsession. My world-view is more toward pessimism so naturally have drifted toward the literature of horror, crime novels, absurd, etc. But more of an aesthetic and historical thing than some strange fetish.


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