My latest Comic-Horror Short Story Published in The Siren’s Call


My latest comic-horror story just published in The Siren’s Call: The Immortalist

You can download (free!) the ezine version from the site with some other great authors as well. The 45th issue of The Sirens Call eZine features eighty pieces of dark fiction and horror prose from seventy different authors and poets. It also features an interview with, and twelve monster/creature images by, our featured artist, NOISTROMO. This month’s spot-light author, Tim Meyer, schools us on why ‘Fear Is Fun’ and also offers an excerpt from his short novel, The Switch House!

6 thoughts on “My latest Comic-Horror Short Story Published in The Siren’s Call

    • Man, I got so many unpublished novels already, I’ve been feeling pretty dead about the prospect of doing another. Maybe when I come back as undead zombie the repressed will return in some other form. It looks like your fiction writing is taking good shape in the short story form — an excellent art form, it forces the writer to get to the point and to tighten up the sentences. Kind of like fictional blog posts.


      • True… yea, I seem to fit the short form best. The longer more meditative novel seems more character driven, and since my basic philosophy of the no-self notions uses character not as agent but more as a way of reflecting the self-reflecting nothingness of our lives as humans. Of course the trick is to still provide some entertainment as the central key, and the philosophy as secondary… 🙂

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  1. You nailed it with this story. Your narrator the corporate shill does serve the conduit role to nothingness that you describe, and yet he seems to conjure up an afterimage of a “most dangerous philosopher in the world” whose ruminations on zombiedom have now come back to bite him…


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