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If we are to think the Anthropocene as giving rise to the devaluation of all values, then we must think it with Nietzsche: the vital task for all noetic knowledge in the Anthropocene is the transvaluation of all values, in an age when the noetic soul’s calling itself into question occurs as the completion of nihilism. … This is something that in fact began long before either the Anthropocene or capitalism, as the pharmacological condition of thinking itself, but today there is no escape from this ordeal, which is that of nihilism.

—Bernard Stiegler, The Neganthropocene

6 thoughts on “Quote of the Day!

  1. I don’t think we lack meaning (we can’t rid ourselves of it if we try) what we lack is power to make a difference that makes a difference and there is no remedy, the banal horrors of more same piling up around us on political reporters’ twitter feeds and in landfills alike.
    Along with Zizek and all BS has his own sort of via negativa that he is pushing, no place perhaps in philosophy anymore for no exit…


    • You’re type of pessimism leads to what? Already a product of nihil you just loop in this same vacuum of blame as if in agreement with the current mainstream ideology of we’re fucked… What does that really get us? If we’re fucked, then from this powerless position how do we take power back? Revolution? Religion? Politics? Apathy? Indifference? Or… something new?

      One reason I took off a year was to turn off the media-doom… once you free your mind from the media induced hallucination of despair being gluttonously presented across this mass tyranny of internet mindlessness you begin looking at the world around you differently. I don’t believe anymore in the crapology of the internet as a stand in for reality. It’s become a virtual doomland of self-reinforcing doomsters who like you seem to have allowed a vision of absolute fatalism to overtake the actual world. If you watch BS long enough it will rub off on you and make you into its mirror. We have to find a better path than this Dirk. You’re past few messages are of pure hopelessness and cynicism, despair at the glut of stupidity in the world. Yep, I agree…. but where does that leave you? If we give up, then they have won the infowars for our minds: forced us to agree with utter doom and become slaves of their stupidity. I for one will no longer buy into such nonsense. Humans are a belligerent and arrogant lot, and, yes, I’m an absolute arrogant S.O.B. who chooses to fight the entropy of the world with negentropy… if we don’t try then they’ve won… whoever the hell “they are”… which is just another way of saying: One person can make a difference.. and that’s what I’m trying to do in my bit world of thought. Whether it succeeds is another matter… did Buddha, Christ, etc. succeed? No… we see around us that the world is divisive and full of hate so that may be the way of things… but I for one refuse to sit down and just give up. Just a choice… and, I still believe we have choices and decisions… or, will till the machine gods do us in. 🙂

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      • you can dismiss my response by reframing it in terms of attitude/disposition if ya like, I was merely pointing out that BS and co don’t actually offer us what William James called live options but rather just feed into the merely academic by avoiding the rough grounds of actual lived/actionable daily life.
        where we haven’t been stripped of meaning making anymore than any previous generation we just have tragically little power (please show me how we do and I’ll start now) to do anything of scale/impact that will matter, that’s what has changed significantly is the reach of technologies in the hands of the few and powerful, we’ve lost the power to effectively govern, to reign them in before they wreck more havoc.
        I had intentionally dropped out of these kinds of bubble-rap sessions and only returned b/c asked will gladly bow out again, pax.


      • Bubble rap sessions? lol

        That’s your objection: that your perceive Stiegler as an out of touch academic whose voice and ideas shouldn’t be heard because he hasn’t gone down into the streets with us commoners? How would you know this? And, of course, as usual you’re taking it personally rather than as the critique of your cynical pessimism rants that as usual have nothing positive to order. What you do with your life is up to you. I tried to reestablish links but realize you’ve closed the door on sociability with your despair. Why?


  2. We know what Stiegler did and it was not healthy or caring. His work and “dream…” is it not a work of rehabilitation, and first a taking care of oneself because is it not self-hate that leads to destructive acting out in the streets or wherever? He is thinking from within a concrete situation that he has lived and is living and not from pie in the sky stuff that doesn’t touch him today and can’t be related to by most anyone since his address or interpellation is universal — that is, if it wasn’t for the academic crapology.


    • Who is “we”? And, what did Stiegler do? lol And, of course, I’ve stated in the past that a lot of Stiegler’s second hand Derridean jargon is passé, but that the underlying drift of the message is still worth a gander. Nothing in this world is binary in the sense of black/white, good/evil, etc. There is only the shades of gray… and, as you state in the next message: irony is part of a class structure in which the ironist is known from the vantage point of the Same… outside that reference the irony becomes literal to those not in the know, and therefore neither lampoon nor diagnosis but rather a weapon to be used against its perpetrator. In other words there’s more than one way to skin an intellectual. 🙂


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