For the darkness within…

For those who have ever felt the darkness
and the demons crawl from their hate caves

the silences that shatter all dreams
and the goodness
that never sways

let this song for the darkness within

She stood among the bones
mind wracked wisp
shadowing a lost fragment of her self

where gods and men have no issue
only the anguish
haunting her somber waking’s

holding the skull of her lover
under the bone moon
lifeless in her hands

crow worlds craven and distinct
of Ragnaröks long hence shattering
the remnants of this world and hers

till she feels that rage of the lonely heart
rise up and scream through her
till night awakens


©Steven Craig Hickman – 2018


8 thoughts on “For the darkness within…

  1. This hit home a bit – though no longer in that dark place, looking back now, I was in a far darker place at the time than I realized “at the time.” My skull being held in my hands – quite a reflection for me … then again, you’ve always written in ways that so many can relate to themselves. I suppose that’s what a wonderful writer does. Good to see you Steven.


      • It’s GOOD to see you. Without question ‘ll be keeping an eye out for your posts. I struggle with lengthy reading (see my post Hello Frankenstein, then work your way up – it explains some, but far from the magnitude of it all, not many details), but will do my best as capable. I’m just thrilled to see you back, we came back near the same time – that’s something. 🙂 I hope you are well old friend.

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      • P.S. (hehe, something’s never change ::giggles::), my site’s impossible to navigate, read, view the layout and find things via a phone or tablet. It’s designed with a free template, utilizing a free account, so they’ve not given me many options to allow for mobile or tablet layouts. Those using phones struggle to find things on my site greatly, if they can at all. Fromm a computer, the site’s designed very cleanly, you can easily find everything and nothing is missing. Boy, that was a big P.S. LOL Thank goodness it’s you hehe.

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