Pics of where we’re moving in a few weeks….

Thought I’d share a few pics of the South Fork outside Cody, Wyoming where we bought property and we’ll eventually be building our final home. ( I should say, we’re getting the hull, the framing done by a local contractor, but we’ll be doing all the finish work on interior from sheet rock, electrical, floors, mudding, interior walls, windows, doors, etc. ourselves!). You’ll see why we decided on this property below:

From Our back yard

View of lake just a half mile from our back yard…

Below is Cody to right, Yellowstone to left… that splotch of water below right of Trout Peak is the Buffalo Bill Resovoir (pic above is it) with the northern Absoroka mountains to West. We are located east of the resovoir…

Screen Shot 05-02-17 at 10.01 PM


South Fork in Fall…


Some of the property a little farther up the South Fork Road towards Yellowstone…

em South Fork Road Cody WY 053

View back down toward Cody from the valley higher up…

em South Fork Road Cody WY 193ps

More of the view from the front of home property….

All in all we’re happy with the situation… about to sell our place here in Arizona and moving somewhere between the 15th and 25th. I’ll make a final post on the day before I cut the cable… may be a month or more before I’m back online due to still in process of seeking a rental up there while we build our place. Really looking forward to this change. Arizona has been great, but I want miss the 105 degree summer heat… I can guarantee that. 🙂

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