Daniel Suarez’s Change Agent


Just started reading Daniel Suarez’s new near future SF Change Agent. While Singapore, Shanghai and other techno-commercial capitals move forward into the 21st Century shaping the future of technology, capitalism, and the lifestyles of the new Technocracies, America and Silicon Valley along with the populist anti-scientific politics of the U.S.A. with its traditions of anti-intellectualism leave it in debt, decadence, and economic collapse. At the center of this biopunk SF is the use of CRISPR technology and its repercussions on society (here’s a snippet):

Synthetic biology was the transistor of the twenty-first century. Yet political realities in America made it increasingly unfeasible for entrepreneurs there to tinker with the building blocks of life. Every cluster of human cells was viewed as a baby in America. A quarter of the population wasn’t vaccinated. A majority of Americans didn’t believe in evolution. Social-media-powered opinions carried more influence than peer-reviewed scientific research. In this virulently anti-science atmosphere, synbio research was hounded offshore before it had really begun. Activists crowed over their victory.1

One imagines how the progressive Left along with the religious Right will ultimately bring about the collapse of EU and U.S. through protest and civil strife as China, India, and other major countries emerge and integrate these new technologies and the techno-economies arising out of the NBIC revolution. A passing of the economic baton to the East.

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