Bataille’s Solar Economy of our Anti-Culture

Bataille interprets all natural and cultural development upon the earth to be side effects of the evolution of death, because it is only in death that life becomes an echo of the sun, realizing its inevitable destiny, which is pure loss. … Poetry, Bataille asserts, is a ‘holocaust of words’. A culture can never express or represent (serve) capital production, it can compromise itself in relation to capital only by abasing itself before the philistinism of the bougeoisie, whose ‘culture’ has no characteristics beyond those of abject restraint, and self-denigration. Capital is precisely and exhaustively the definitive anti-culture.

-Nick Land, A Thirst for Annihilation

10 thoughts on “Bataille’s Solar Economy of our Anti-Culture

    • How do you get that out of this quote? Capitalism as anti-culture, means “against humanity” – not for them. Culture being the extension of memory across time transmitted and received through art, literature, philosophy, history, etc. So that an anti-culture dissolves such a world of memories leaving us with what we have today: virulent nihilism – a world with no meaning, no memory, no future, no past beyond this profiteering monstrosity of techno-commercialism you see around you. Why would we side with a cult of death?

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      • Wins? Wins what – the ultimate death prize of our present end game? Instant calculation – death by economic suicide? Of course both Bataille and Land supervene on such winning with the accelerated economics of our libidinal mazing toward death – a hyperstitional jaunt through the virulent dance of machinic takeover of the human equation. An anti-cultural jam session at the end of time… or, as Gibson once said: “The Future is here, its just not distributed equally.”


      • Whose siding with culture? You? Certainly if you’ve read my blog enough you’ll either get it or not… for me it’s senseless to keep repeating where I’m coming from, what my stance is, and what I’m doing. People just assume this or that from individual posts without digging deeper, and then go away either nodding their head assuming this or that which means that they take away only what they’ve already brought to the table. You’ll do the same, I’m afraid. I want fit you’re pigeon hole no matter how you try to reduce my vision: I’m legend… one will not find me hiding in this or that political or economic hole, nor some philosophical cage or literary hospital for the cultural blind. I live in a singular episode of the inhuman. Something that is only now registering on the blank recording tape that is humanity.

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