5 thoughts on “The Oblivion of Sun: A Haiku

  1. 7/5/7, an alteration of the classic structure.

    Ohne Warum-Sein
    Verlor der Gingko seine
    Gelben Blätter – Sieh!

    The japanese has the possibilty to work with ‘cutting-words’, to show the lightning of a now. I’m working every time 5/7/5. It’s for me the master hitting me on the shoulder with his stick.



  2. Mr HIckman, I believe your Haiku syllabic format here is incorrect. Shouldn’t it be 5/7/5 and not as you have it, 7/5/7? Nonetheless I like it, as I do much of what your write on your blog (which I share piecemeal with some like-minded friends). I look forward to opening your blog each day. I don’t know how you do it. I think you and Jerry Coyne (WEIT, another blog that I like) are the most prolific writers out there, doing great work. Best to you on the holidays.


    • I’m glad you enjoy the blog. That said, you point out the obvious truth of my intention to play havoc with the form by reversing the syllabic pattern? Good for you… haha … one can play with the form, yes? Obviously I’ve done just that: reversed the form for obvious and subtle reasons. I’m not the first to do this, nor I’m sure will I be the last. I hate straightjackets so call this the break out clause.


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