Who runs America?

Who truly runs America?

The wealthiest 1 percent of families in 1890 owned 51 percent of the real and personal property; the 44 percent of families at the bottom owned only 1.2 percent of all the property. Together, the wealthy and well-to-do (12 percent of families) owned 86 percent of the wealth. The poorer and middle classes, who represented 88 percent of families, owned 14 percent of the wealth.1

As billionaire Warren Buffet puts it, “There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”

While we worry over the political demolition team of Trump, the real culprits of wealth in the Plutocracy of American where the oligarchs like Buffet sit back and laugh and even boldly lie to us as if they gave a shit. Yea, the only thing they care about is the bottom line: profits, and be dammed to all who get in the way of that. So read the article below for the details. And, quit your weeping self-pitying over Hilary and do something. In an article on the Washingtonpost.blog THE DISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH IN AMERICA: CONSEQUENCES, CAUSES, AND REMEDIES (1 of 5)

“A recent paper from the Institute of Policy Studies reports that the “wealthiest 20 Americans own more than half the American population” combined. As a depiction of the inequitable distribution of wealth in America today this is accurate as far as it goes but it is stated in a way that presents a distorted view of the scale of wealth and poverty and of the discrepancy between them. True enough, the wealthiest 20 Americans do own more than the poorer 160 million of us put together, but this actually reveals less about the concentration of wealth at the top than about the dispossession of most of the population, which it glosses over. Half of us together own less than 1% of our country’s wealth; we hold on average less than one fiftieth of an equitable portion. Many are entirely dispossessed of everything of pecuniary worth besides personal property of no value outside a used car lot or a pawnshop. The way the Institute of Policy Studies phrases its findings collaborates in the concealment of a salient fact of primary significance — the permanent impoverishment of over 160 million Americans.”

Read that again: 160 million living at or below the poverty level with no likelihood of ever rising above it: permanent impoverishment. This is our America. A place where people are blinded by a mediatainment propaganda system that sends a message led by the wealthy for the wealthy. While we berate the political shenanigans of Democrat/Republican as if politics actually worked for the people anymore is beyond telling. We are blind to the power that masks itself in the Plutocracy and Oligarchies of the Wealthy who run the show of these fool politicians. A game they play out in the staged election cycles like some new fangled Roman Gladiator contest for idiots.

“The Institute of Policy Studies paper goes on to say (but the media omits to report) that “the Forbes 400 own more wealth than the bottom 61% of the country combined — 194 million people,” a phrase which avoids disclosing that 61% of us put together possess under a 2% share in our country. The Forbes 400 can buy 200 million of us out more than twenty-five times over. But actually, even the combined riches of the entire Forbes 400 are just a drop in the bucket of the American plutocracy. These four hundred richest Americans represent just the top fortieth part of our richest one-in-ten-thousand, the 0.01%, the top 1% of the top 1%, the 16,000 families who together own over an eighth of everything in our country (14%), and they represent merely the top four-hundredth part of America’s wealthiest 160,000 families, the elite one-in-a-thousand (0.1%) who together possess over a quarter of all wealth (28%), more than the combined holdings of 310 million Americans — 95% of us.”

Yes, we are all dupes now. We would assume that the government would protect us, have our interests at hear. That myth died long ago. The government duopoly has been in accord behind the masked poppery with the top .01% for decades. We’ve mythologized it to death in academia under the rubric of Neoliberalism. What another sham foisted on the supposed thinking class. Even that has become bankrupt in our time. Thinkers? Philosophers? Critique? Foppery in an age of intellects who would rather teach you how to mourn death of politics, rather than to pick your ass up and do something. We’ve lost our courage. Why? Because no one has backbone anymore. You’d rather go to some session on mourning and self-pitying your crying wimpy self than actually get you ass in gear and think through why this is happening. Quit listening to the losers, the suppose academic trumpery and flagrant bankrupt class of pundits. They’ll offer you nothing. You have to do it for yourself. Or it want get done.

Sure, I’m an old fool, too. I admit it. I’m an old leftist, never an academic. Our age was full of bluster and street violence against another war and age of crap. Street protest does nothing, now. Most people at the street level are dying of jobs, no work; or, families having to work two jobs (part-time at best) to make ends meet. So that for them to think at all is difficult. Coming home, eating, and sleeping, or a few moments of grasping each other in the night. This is the American Nightmare writ large. The American dream died long ago. It will not return.

What we need is not dreams, what we need is courage of our convictions. And the gusto and staunch belief in our selves. Even that has been eroded over the past sixty years, the whole liberal individual self has been plundered, wiped out to the point by academics tripe’s that people believe that they are no one and nothing. No wonder the liberal progressive strain in politics is upended. We have no belief in our selves, how could we believe in politics. It’s been gutted, and slain by the tribe of turn-coat academics and neuroscientists in pay to the wealth of the world. Our liberalism was based on property rights and the individual. Both of these have come under attack for so long that the very foundations of the democratic state across the planet are in disarray. The young turn for answers, and there is none, because the academics live at the end of nihilism and have no value or meaning system to offer them.

Enough. Do or die. I’ll be an old liberal in a dead world, or none at all. Wake up and remember who you are and were. Retroactively change what you are and want… remember you do exist and have rights.

1. Painter, Nell Irvin. Standing at Armageddon: A Grassroots History of the Progressive Era . W. W. Norton & Company. Kindle Edition.

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