A Schizophrenic out for a Walk…

A schizophrenic out for a walk is a better model than a neurotic lying on the analyst’s couch. A breath of fresh air, a relationship with the outside world.

-Deleuze & Guattari, Anti-Oedipus

Actual, not virtual, relationship: reconnecting to things, to objects, to the literal world out ‘there’; rather than the endless patter and hum of one’s speech and thought to a hidden god behind the couch or screen. In web culture we’ve become invisible, culling the nightmares of other minds chattering in the cave of a global river, where Heraclitus rather than Lucretius reigns. D&G would call you out of the cave and into the sunlit world of time… you’re not a rummaging mole, but a cunning fox to scatter thought in the chase of change and becoming.

Badiou would have you generate it out of the cave’s own geometric dream…

Zizek, that the obstacle in our path is a broken world of clay filled with cracks, scattered roots that we cling too like nightmares in an endless void.

Deleuze would tell you to touch your body-without-organs, for it is the body of the world; not a dream of time and space, but a place in which you live and die as a sensual medium among sense bearing beings.

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