Throwing the salt…


Yea, Trump’s a scumbag, a racist, a sexist… all the things people say; yet, he was voted in as President. So even if I disagree with him, I’m a citizen of the United States of America and will uphold the laws of the land. I served my time in the military. I got a partial education from the G.I. Bill. I owe this land and its people my love and gratitude. This isn’t some dam myth, it’s my life. I’m no gun-ho patriot, more a contrarian than anything; and just a man who has cared about this world and its peoples for sixty five years, and not about to cop out on some lame bullshit session because I might disagree with both parties.

I keep thinking to myself, having grown up in a world where I was handed down second hands, bought a beater Chevy at 16, put it in the garage and built a makeshift cage to pull the engine, gut the interior, and rebuild the sucker after I’d stripped it to the bone, sanding it by hand, stripping it down, painting it. Taking the engine apart and step by step putting it back together till I could do it in my sleep. I feel like that old beat up Chevy at the moment.

Trump. He had everything handed to him on a silver platter. Plenty money, plenty education, plenty of everything. Everything he’s done his whole life is part of the con of that world. And, even his ability to run for President is because he’s rich. No one would see a stiff on the lamb up there, nor would we have seen him there either, if his name hadn’t already been a part of the current mythology. A TV Reality host… a popular icon, etc. Trump was the first President invented by the Mediatainment Industrial Complex. Not a man who did it on his own, he was manufactured (in Chomsky’s sense of ‘manufactured consent’).

One can drive through most rural towns in American now and see for the most part a ghost world of their former selves. Methland U.S.A. a place with no jobs, no future, no place to go. No money for education unless you’re willing to sell your soul for the next sixty years to pay it all off in loans. Cargill of any of a number of the big combines own most of the farming land and profits from those lands now, the little farmer having been replaced with the Corporate ones long ago.

Where I came from in Odessa, TX once a boom town is now according to cousins still there the number one crime city in Texas due to job loss and drugs. So trying to make sense of why so many angry people voted for Trump has a lot to do with the anger against those who have like I’ve seen here on FB and Twitter lambasting the White Working Class and demonizing them for voting for Trump. Until people can begin to realize the enemy isn’t your fellow citizen, nor some fool twisted sex pot from NY City who will play the masked game of President for the next few years. It’s the movers and shakers you never see that are the powers to castigate. Always have been, always will be. The Plutocrats and Oligarchs who twitch the buttons from the suave Saudi Princes to the High Rollers in Vegas from NY City to LA. The moneyed classes are the enemy, the Corporations who are run by capitalist pigs like some of the Pharmaceutical companies seeking gargantuan profits at the expense of people’s health.

Representative democracy is on its last legs. So we can either work to rebuild it, or it will die a long painful death and our nation and this civilization with it. Which – who knows, may be a good thing, anyway. Maybe it’s time for a change that will be forced on us whether we will or not. The earth is in its own way challenging us, showing us that our supposed power over things is bullshit. We pretend that our little games at the U.N. and little Paris Accords will actually make a difference. No. They want… it’s all lies, all a game to keep you thumb sucking into their bullshit.

So you can spend your time bullshitting yourself, complaining about the 50% of the people on some other side – call if Right, call it Left… the Universe doesn’t really care one way or another, it’s totally indifferent to your prayers or your curses. Much like our government in that respect, impervious to our threats, our protests, our admonishments.

Some have gone so far as to say they’ll secede, they’ll leave, they’ll apply for citizenship elsewhere, that this isn’t their America. All I can say is why? Why isn’t this your land? Why did you let it get away from you? Why haven’t you owned up to the responsibility of letting it get out of your grasp? You allowed a liar and foundation owner, a Corporate Wall-Street Democrat sweet talk you into her lies with all those promises. Bernie copped out for reasons of his own. So your stuck between a hard place and no place.

But I’m sure those on the other side felt the same for the last eight years, too. Yet, even then you didn’t try to reach out and change their thought. No. Just wen along with the show and blame game and kept your distance, kept on demonizing and insisting your own glorified and dignified righteousness. Sound familiar? Puritan heritage? We’re the pure ones untainted. And, now, because of the whole multicultural heritage we see that even the white class liberals are becoming patsies of the minorities who hate all whites equally.

So far from the young academics I’ve seen very little wisdom or thought, but rather much invective and meme repetition of Trump bashing and Trump supporter bashing. How is this going to change a thing? Nada. It’s not even warning anyone, only producing the fear and terror you presume to alleviate. Creating panic attacks and fear mongering among democrats is a both stupid and less than becoming. I almost wonder how I could have at one time believed in the progressive cause. It saddens me and makes me fiercely decry it now for what it has become. Nothing, nothing at all… leaderless and heartless.

At this point in my own personal life it doesn’t much matter one way or the other, but for my children and grandchildren it does matter to me. I’m sickened that the democratic party I once fought for has decayed to this level of stupidity and self-pitying. Most of the leaders blame everyone and everything but themselves. Sick. There is a sickness in this Party. Will it find a way out? A Renaissance of its old values? A political path for the 21st Century? I do not have an answer to that. The Greens are no option… there is nothing else. Democracy is failing us altogether because we let it. We blinded ourselves and allowed the forces of money and greed to lead us down into a pit from which it may be generations to recover. Or, maybe never. It’s all up to the young people now. It’s your fight. Get up off your arses and do something. But above all quit belly aching, enough of the self-pity and blame show. Time to do or shut up. If I believed in a God  (and I don’t) I’d say a prayer. But like those old northern seamen all I can do is throw the salt and say move on…

4 thoughts on “Throwing the salt…

  1. This is really well said. I’m glad you have the eyes to see things the way you do.

    I chuckled at this with some dark, gallows humor, “Yea, Trump’s a scumbag, a racist, a sexist….” Perhaps, but compared to whom? I can’t even post the endless collection of vile things that are being said to me all over bloggerville and facebook. Trump at least had the decency to put a tic tac in his mouth first.

    So the alleged “uneducated, racist, rural, white trash, rape enablers,” people like me apparently, pretty much just threw a molotov cocktail at the whole system.

    I feel pretty darn good about it, and optimistic for the future, but when you think about it, what do people really have to lose anyway? So many people are already living in this kind of post- apocalyptic dystopian nightmare of meth, heroin, unemployment, and rampant suicide. The Dems, the left, progressives, refused to listen, continue to refuse to listen, and still try to shut down the conversation with endless accusations of racism, sexism.

    A while back I wrote, “Where’s my Carrot?” If you’re going to try to manipulate people with rewards and punishments, then you have to remember to give them a carrot now and then. No carrot just means nothing left to lose. Freedom, really.

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  2. Do you see? Trump was elected because he coupled with the working class. Hilary had no message for them. They were already divided by the media and labeled the racist, xenophobic, etc. Then Hilary’s stupid deplorable comment. People’s identity are not stuck in stone. A progressive democratic movement can couple with the working class and give them good ideas about inclusivity. Their minds can change and we can work together. We need a leadership bloc that can do this.


    • I’ll agree, but from what I’ve seen the past few days on FB and Twitter is this denialism at work, as well as a whole shit load of demonizing of Trump and his followers… I’m not of either party, but have children and immediate family that are as well divided on this issue. Sad we’ve come to this…

      My feeling is both parties need to clean house of the Establishment …


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