Two Stories To Be Published…

Opened my email this morning and received two updates for some stories I sent out.

My story “Going South” is to be published in Belle Rêve Literary Journal, a magazine for online southern literary experience, that releases new work weekly. Their mission is to capture everything that makes the South and its residents unique through the best contemporary literature.  This one will appear on their site: Tuesday January 24th, 2017. Belle Rêve Literary Journal.

The second is for a short Flash Fiction story, “I Wake To Angels On My Lids,” to be tentatively published with Near To The Knuckle, a UK based Crime Fiction Magazine. This one was revised and resent to the editor Craig Douglas who said he liked it, but needed clarification on my grammatical usage. I do use colloquialisms which are notoriously ungrammatical in many speech patterns among some segments of the country. So these are nonetheless valid, yet more difficult to work through editorial issues on the fine points. We’ll wait and see… wish me luck!

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