Remember MYST By the Miller Brothers?

Years ago I played MYST and its five sequels by Rand and Robyn Miller, and their co-harts at Cyan, Inc.. Recently they came out with Obduction, a new game based in some fashion on the same premises as Myst but with new and different twists. If you’re into the single player strategy and puzzle games you’ll want to try this one. Not a bad deal at $29.95 on Steam. Tell the truth that’s where I’ve been this week, piddling on Obduction… okay, obsessing on Obduction’s puzzles which —if you’re anything like me — you’ll try your best to do all on your own till you try and try and try to a point of failure. I’m the type that will trace and re-trace my steps, look into every nook and cranny, pilfer every clue, type it out, puzzle with it for a while, do something else, then come back to it and try and try again before I ever finally throw my hands up and say … enough, and then go to my local finger pad and type in Obduction Walkthrough and seek a solution… But usually before I do look anything up I will ponder my navel, eat some munches, listen to some good music, pull my hair out, and generally do everything but through something at my screen… even cussing is aloud as long as my Lady isn’t in earshot…

Either way I finished it today with success, and even gained all the achievements, which in truth there were two last ones that were like Red Herrings till you figured out that to do them was not a straight ahead obvious things. That’s the first fact you’ll have to understand this game appears to be obvious and logical, but then it turns the tables on you and does things with that in mind… and confounds that very logic and forces you to thing against the common sense approach, literally. But I’ll not say another word in case you’ve been thinking of getting obsessed yourself…

Every once in a while I like to just take a vacation from the web stuff and enjoy doing goofy stuff… Up next is another cheaper game on Steam —and, by the way if you’ve never tried Steam or Origen, please feel free to check them out — The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, another single-player mode detective game with horror as its based theme: murder, ghosts, etc… but some nice graphics, and interesting storyline from the videos. Steam has a nice sale on many of the horror genre games till Nov 1st. So was worth coming on now for the some up to 80% off bargains.

Well, I’ll be back again with essays in a few weeks… have fun through the next couple months. Love to play hookie and escape the drudge farm of my writing self…

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