On Another Note I’m Reading Ace Atkins, Quinn Colson Country noir Series

This week spending time reading Ace Atkins Quinn Colson series about an ex-Ranger who returns home from war and gets involved in his hometown’s problems situated in Tibbehah County, Mississippi. Reading the first one in the series The Ranger, which true to Country noir form descends from both Faulkner and the hard-boiled world of Hammett. In The Ranger the main character returns from numerous missions in Afghanistan and Iraq, rides into town (in a pickup, of course) to find a Tibbehah County corrupted by methamphetamine peddlers and out-of-control greed, and his uncle, the sheriff, shot dead in a questionable suicide.

Other books in the series look exciting as well. Ace lives in Oxford, Mississippi with his family, where he’s friend to many dogs and several bartenders. A former newspaper reporter and SEC football player, Ace also writes essays and investigative pieces for several national magazines including Outside and Garden & Gun.

Check out his site, here: http://www.aceatkins.com/

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