The Trauma Factory

Over the years wandering the sub-cultural delirium of dark alchemical mutant datamesh like ccru, conspiracy theory, bizzaro, weird tales, horror, gothic, noir, pulp etc. one gets the feeling that what is being related, although not empirically true nor part of some vast collective reading of the unconscious psyche of the planetary psychosis, is rather the notion of a world-wide Trauma Factory. As if there is a productive system of necrotic knowledge systems producing cosmic nihilism and despair, nightmares and consensual hallucinations; populist narratives gathering threads from every form of deranged mediatized corruption and fetid unknown shadow world; absorbing, collating, revising, narrativizing and republishing for mass consumption the fears and geotraumatic events of our age. Theory-fictions: all the subtle horrors and aberrations, sociopathic and/or psychopathic invasive natural and transnatural installations from the great Outside. Broadcasting not the actual but rather the virtual inlays of a traumatized civilization and species as it faces absolute extinction at the hands of its own secret death-drive toward apocalypse and annihilation.

Maybe this dark gnosis from the collective delirium is a message from the hinterlands of Non-Being, a fragment of that forbidden knowledge we’ve needed for so long but were unable to accept nor fathom, but now that it has arisen from the dark portals of our own being like a murderous passion we can begin to register the truth of our inhuman nature, accept the challenge of knowing for the first and last time who and what we are, wherefrom we’ve been tossed, into what we’ve been thrown, and whereto we are speeding like so many daemons on a runaway train to oblivion

7 thoughts on “The Trauma Factory

      • We? Tragic? Why not rather comic fatalism without Fate? A comedy that is neither divine or secular, but rather a laughter of one’s own? The world is what it is… we can only change our perspective on it. To moralize it as the Greeks did as Tragedy is to see it within the structure of doom and Fate, bound in a universe where nothing matters so why beat one’s head against the gods… Comic Fatalism laughs at the gods, there can be no doom, only the laughter of acceptance: seeing in the fatal necessities the necessity of fatalism, a double-bind, a paradox, a comedy in which one is neither crushed nor doomed. Rather one is honest that there is no absolute answer to existence; it’s neither absurd, tragic, or existential. It is without answer, since there is no there is: nothing to answer nor ask questions.


      • just meant it in the everyday sense, don’t think one can choose to laugh or not, these things generally seem to strike us as they do.

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      • Well, of course, I don’t mean “laugh” in the common sense of that term… rather as communication in Bataille’s sense. In fact, I can say that, insofar as I am doing philosophical work, my philosophy is a philosophy of laughter. It is a philosophy founded on the experience of laughter, and it does not even claim to go further. It is a philosophy that doesn’t concern itself with problems other than those that have been given to me in this precise experience. The point here is that it is “inner experience,” a private experience that cannot be re-mediated into cultural parlance of symbolic accord (i.e., logic and reason). Yet, it is not unreason or irrational, but rather the experience of an event, not a concept. Laughter as touching the unknown or limit of experience.

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