Reading the UK Exit… made me think

Reading all these posts on FB and Twitter on the UK made me think….

It’s not just Britain or the U.S., one should look around the world as well… reactionary forces are basically everywhere across the board, like a tripwire someone zapped, a current underground one tweaked with normative switching systems and algorithms of smart bombs, but now the circuits have all shorted out, the bypasses melted, the husks of containment dripping into toxicity…. the black ooze is seeping out all over and the only thing to be done is accept responsibility for putting the plug back in the genii’s bottle if you can: it is an inner necessity to submit to and survive this “betrayal,” to survive this violent act of being torn out of one’s complaisance and thrown into a dark landscape where one has to reinvent a politics – only in this way, concrete universality is born. Maybe this is the clarion call the Left has needed to rise up out of its lethargic sleep, its complaisance and finally begin forging a new path forward rather than talking about it, rather now it must act on it – think intelligently instead of moving to some voluntaristic belly twitch.

Mobilize intelligence: Intellect as ACT, not abstraction. Make Intellect concrete, an enactment and participation, realized in its movement. Bring politics and economy together again as Political Economy. Revolution should take place when capitalism fully develops all its potentials and exhausts all its possibilities: are we in that time? We  should not just sit and wait for the “ripe moment,” but begin “educating” ourselves for the long struggle ahead. We must reinvent the Left for TODAY, rather than living on the ghosts of failed worlds. Without a platform there can be no struggle, without a struggle there can be no unity, no movement, no mobilization. But if the reactionaries insist on unleashing exit and flight, we should not be afraid of it. Our attitude on this question is the same as our attitude towards any disturbance: first, we are against it; second, we are not afraid of it. What is terrifying today is nothing less than the condition of our freedom. Our freedom to act, and act intelligently going forward.

6 thoughts on “Reading the UK Exit… made me think

  1. really what is to be done? how would we organize;,on what principles/positions (and how would we agree to come to decisions, etc), how would we fund our efforts, and so on? or is it a matter of just trying to reform existing parties and than using them to dismantle our legal codes, contracts, and such to replace them with something else?


    • I did say “long struggle” did I not? Were you expecting a mise en scene, some ghost of god or rich bastard to hand you a easy ride, fund you? Didn’t I say there was no platform, no “we”… Who the fuck is the “we”? No platform, no principles, no unity, no motivation, no nothing… are we not at ground Zero? Did you expect some van guard to rise out of the intellectual class and lead you? That didn’t go so well 80 years ago did it?

      But then again would you rather sit on your ass and ask all these questions, let the right-wing insurgency laugh, enslave, destroy both our countries and our environment?

      There’s no free lunch, no easy answers, no one person who can do this crap – some of us are just the mad eccentrics on the edge of oblivion saying what everyone knows but does nothing about. Do I expect anything to happen? Sadly, no… most think like you: they want someone else to come up with the answers, someone else to get things going, someone else to do the mobilizing… while they sit back and critique it, talk about it, do nothing more than cry about things not getting done… how has that worked out for us: more books, more conferences, more speeches, more bullshit…

      No, I don’t think anyone gives a shit what I say, but I do… so for all you bastards out there that don’t like it: tough shit… do I have the answers? No. Just an angry old man dreaming. You don’t like my dreams then fuck off go somewhere else for you wonderful life.


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