4 thoughts on “Spinoza: On Dispelling Ignorance

  1. He is the closest to a type of materialism that works and is so reasonable. He was also more spiritual than many give him credit for. In the end it makes sense he would write this in his time. That being said, the news network ABC just signed a medium to do a family show about her life. Monica the medium is a PSU student and gladly submits herself to all science and scientists for testing when asked. What might Spinoza have done with the data that is now building on consciousness as extended in the spiritual and metaphysical sense? Dr. Jim Tucker is another respected academic and scientist, for example, with a team working on past life memories in children. They now have thousands of cases…


    • Remember, Spinoza was an atheist above all, and a rationalist who equated God and Nature as One. For him the main thing is there can be no transcendence, so his answer would have been simple: the only spirituality is of the immanent variety. There is no Platonic/Christian beyond… so if that is what your implying I’m sure he’d look into it, but most folks that speak of such things imply the opposite: transcendence. This he would have fought against.


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