9 thoughts on “Absorption of the Image

  1. 👍🏽 my book is concerns just whAt you address here. Its what im calling an object oriented view throught the gospels. So if you can stand a kind of’nonspiritual’ lookat the Gospels….


  2. Simon Critchley The Faith of the Faithless (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8X9ruueLJqg)

    31:34 “Is a utopian impulse in thinking possible without violence? Violence is not reducible to an act in the here and now, which might or might not be justifiable in accordance with some or other conception of justice. On the contrary, violence is a phenomenon that has a history. It is never a question of a single act, but of one’s insertion into a historical process saturated by a cycle of violence and counter violence. Violence is always a double act. Violence is a double act between human subjects whose experience of violence interpolates them in a repetition effect from which they cannot free themselves”

    My rhetorical questions (not Critchley’s):

    If the Eternal Return exists in a violent sense as its causal repetition, how does one break free from it?
    If infinite worlds exist, why is this Trickster’s violent vampiric earth worth fighting just wars for?Or is just war just the Trickster’s just trick (God, country, honor, brotherhood)? Did Neo in Matrix, John Connor in Terminator, and Jesus and His Angelic Army with Kenny from South Park achieve glory and save the beloved sheep to live happily ever after or just to have them for dinner? Are they and all free-will actors just stuck in repeat mode, having been duped into making the same choice over and over again (Einstein’s definition of madness), having achieved just deserts?
    Is Steely Dan’s song “Any World (That I’m Welcome To)” … is better then the one I come from” true? If so, what are we doing here?


      • My provisional speculative answer begins with Newton’s Third Law: For Every Action There is an Equal and Opposite Reaction. Those engaged in will to power consciously chosen acts of violence are doomed to repeat or perhaps variate on the theme. The victim may then become the victimizer to fulfill the law of vengeance. The eaten may then become the eater (look into the eyes of a cow at slaughter). Most moderns, post moderns, etc. including myself, have the courage of the word, not the knife. To come to a peaceful place without remorse and regret, one may have to choose non-violence, thereby changing time, to earn release from panopticon prison earth, and escape the gravity of the Eternal Return.


      • What your speaking too is your own singularity, but do you really see such a salvationist or even transformational dynamic happening anywhere else on this planet? Utopian thought is great, but the reality we live with seems far from all that… as you suggest we are living through a dog-eat-dog moment on this planet, and the only victims are those that lie passively by and allow themselves to remain victims rather than finding strength in themselves either to end it (Suicide), or fight against those who seek to enslave, rape, pillage, destroy their lives, families, friends (War)…. Gandhi and Thoreau were promoters of non-violence, but after their death new generations were born and it all started over again… so you tell me: When does the eternal return of violence end? In nirvana practice as you seem to be suggesting… ask the people of India about that, I’m sure they’d a few words for you about that… Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Gnosticism, Monotheism…. we’ve only history to see where all that led… Communism? Capitalism? I think I’ll admit to a tinge of that old pyromanic skepticism with enough realism to suggest the eternal return of violence isn’t going to end until humanity is no more… but, hey, everyone is allowed their opinion … We try to carve out enough peace to live, that’s enough for me at the moment… I can’t save the world, and want even try… I’ll leave that to would-be saviors… plenty of them around.


  3. I understand and agree with you. Like every individual, my singularity reality tunnel is based largely on social and genetic influence (the argument against free-will) outliers notwithstanding. The argument for free-will is that inward choice, change and self-control is possible. Your point about action versus passivity is well taken. I understand competitiveness firsthand through experience. I’ve been living that dream.

    When does the Eternal Return of violence end? I don’t know through direct a posteriori experience, and won’t know until after death. The Eternal Return is metaphysical speculation, however the theme exists in the psyche of humanity, so therefore it must have significance. And modern “quantum” mechanics suggests many possible realities yet undiscovered, that Science desires to know.

    In a violent world, salvation and transformation begins with the individual, inwardly, if that’s what we desire, inwardly. And one pebble on the water can have an eternal ripple effect.

    I have no desire to join the human waste scavenging caste in India, however aside from empathy, and perhaps charitable donations, I’m more than curious, and want to know the first cause of human suffering and its remedy. Those ideas can be explored aprioi. The definitive answer will have to wait.

    Suicide as you mention, and as Camus offered in the beginning of his nihilistic “Myth of Sisyphus” is an option. However I think (don’t know), that nihilism might also be an Eternal Return Trick. A wishful thought that one can avoid payment for crimes through becoming no-thing. I see evidence for something, not nothing.

    What do you think the Eternal Recurrence might be?


    • I side with Deleuze: eternal recurrence of difference, rather than the Same… we live in an asymmetrical universe, one that is full of dichotomies and conflict, not peace and stability… even the metastable elements and regularities we see are prone to collisions and catastrophe (think of Andromeda which is even now hurdling toward our Milky Way galaxy, and will someday collide with it…). So violence and conflict are already implicit in the system of the world, and the notion that we can end conflict, that we can impose peace on our planet would be to do one thing: impose a utopian tyranny across the world, an artificial peace that would become nothing more than a grand fiction and trap, and would like those of the past end either in the Gulag or Holocaust.


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