The Posthuman Imagination

The Posthuman Imagination

Now that life has become a series of complex but no less seductive exits to the posthuman future, only that which is confidently and transgressively part of the posthuman imagination – fractured, incommensurable, unreconciled, capable of thinking deeply about issues related to the “in-between,” that enigmatic, undefinable, tense space that is now opening up in all our lives as boundary divisions and borders crash between bodies and machines and natural objects and sentient nature – only this form of imagination, the posthuman imagination, can provide a way to ride the violent shock waves accompanying the precession of society. We desperately require a form of posthuman imagination that fully reveals the hauntologies, disavowals, and silences of the technological dynamo that has crashed the game( s) of reality.1

1. Kroker, Arthur (2014-03-12). Exits to the Posthuman Future (pp. 34-35). Wiley. Kindle Edition.

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