Rage Against the Night of Political Correctness

Political correctness is the disease it purports to cure. We’ve become so enamored to curbing our minds, filtering our thoughts, policing our tongues that we’ve forgotten the ability to be independent. Instead we’ve conformed ourselves to a tedious gray-toned existence where the Zombie minds commingle in a self-revolving turnstile of mindless chit-chat that cannot escape the iron law of GroupThink Inc. Ours has become Orwell’s nightmare in inverse relation, rather than Big Brother listening in on our conversations, we have each other to thank. We’ve become victims of our own overzealous rage against the infractions of a thousand years of bigotry, racism, and prejudice so that now we have built walls and fortresses around our minds so that the irrational thoughts of the human animal cannot escape its own belligerent and feral desires. It has caged itself in a merciless and tyrannical hivemind where thought-control is the last order against the anarchy of thought itself. We’ve become the decadent children of an overloaded world of fractionating codes, guided by an algorithmic necessity we now live for better or worse under the tutelage of self-imposed command and control systems where only we are to blame. The Law of Unintended Consequences could not have envisioned a better stepchild.

9 thoughts on “Rage Against the Night of Political Correctness

      • always take me back to Heidegger and thinking vs gossip, sure you’ve run into in the blogosphere what I did in higher-ed that people are socialized into sorts of in-group-speak but don’t really have a sense of what they are saying, another version if you will of bewitchment by grammar, and down we go…

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    • I’ve got that! I’m working on it for my book… 😉 One of the points they make right off the bat is the fallacy that ideas are somehow immaterial… think about it: ideas are very material… they move from tongue through a medium of air, wind, etc. and back to someone’s material brain to be processed, collated, added, analyzed, etc., then are passed on from generation to generation through replication in ritual, mimesis, art, sacred icons, books, secular printing presses… etc. on to our radio, tv, internet… ideas only become real once they are embedded in material worlds and replicated. But, of course that’s only one facet… 🙂


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