Re-Modernity 2.0 As Hyperstitional Replicant

This Re-Modernity 2.0 is the hyperstitional replicant as farce, a viral meme forging the lie of human collapse in the face of its need to exit history. Situated between carnival and cannibal we choose self-immolation and the festivity of autophagy rather than accept responsibility for our virtual and real desires. The masquerade of universal harmony spoofs its own inanity unto the ends of the earth, while those who would counter its global thrust absorb it like zombies in a night of eternal sacrifice. Seeking immortality we follow our secular dreams into machinic existence like ants on the pyre of oblivion. Having closed off the possibility of time, we revolve in the city caves of our endless artificial terrors where the cyclops of indecision finds us passively waiting on a savior who will never come. Our only hope is doom, our only good the valency of elemental delirium. Dispersed among stone we’ve become vestiges of a universe of the dead. Blinded by our own inability to invent a future we wander among the bones of our past failures seeking the lost object that might give us back again the hint of a way out. Fallen into this idiocy, without key or compass we rot among the fragments of stars circling the void of black holes leading nowhere. Just as we enter the horizon of no return we realize too late that this, this alone is what we’d been seeking all our lives: the core of our inhuman thought and being as it lights up in the incendiary fires of annihilation.
©2016 S.C. Hickman

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