Jean Baudrillard: Accelerating Abstraction


“In its advance form, capital aims for ever-increasing abstraction and hence seeks to offload that machine for slowing down exchanges that reality might still be said to be. It therefore sacrifices it and, in the process, sacrifices itself. This is how we pass beyond capital – which played its historical role of domination and alienation to the end, but could go no further and had to give way to a much more radical system of abstraction – digital, electronic, virtual alienation, which rounds off that flight out of materiality we were speaking of – and at the end which the world and the Human have disappeared once and for all. … Humanity is the only species to have invented a mode of disappearance that has nothing to do with the law of nature. Perhaps even an art of disappearance.”

– Jean Baudrillard, Carnival and Cannibal

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