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The moment we enter the symbolic cave of culture we’re doomed to reality; therefore the exit we seek is into pure illusion, not simulation. Virilio would say we need to replace the current reality with one we truly want. In this he agrees with Baudrillard, for the later had always spoken of simulation and reality as the production of capital, as the lie that we have been suckered into accepting, while illusion is the escape valve we should refine and develop into the hyperstitional leap toward new possibilities.

The proliferation of this reproduced reality we live in is the crime from which there is no reprieve. The only judgment is in accepting this world as objective, in lending it legtimacy and authority; accepting the so called scientific world as the only world; the real world. To question the sciences is heresy to those who control the reality studio (Burroughs). To escape it is to become invisible to the system of objective relations, and to leave the territorial boundaries of reality behind is to enter the illusive realms beyond instrumental reason. The legal masters of reality tell us to do this is sheer madness, that those who dare to enter such an abyss are insane. Who will you trust? Is the world you now live in sane? War, murder, rape, pillage, hunger, death, slavery… austerity? This is sanity?

I’d rather be mad, than sane in such a world.

Like Nietzsche before him Baudrillard would affirm our need to “restore the potency and the radical meaning of illusion”. That the illusion of the world “is the way things have of presenting themselves for what they are when they are not actually there at all”. This sense that the illusiveness of things comes by way of illusion rather than the apparent and appearance. Absence rather than presence as the key. That things unfold themselves out of the quantum valence of a world not tied to the symbolic weave of our cultural reference pool of meaning, but rather they “signal to us, but are not susceptible to decipherment” or decoding. For they were never part of the code, never incorporated into the linguistic, binary, or other cultural capture systems, and cannot be captured. Things live outside our distinctions of real and unreal, they exist beyond true and false; beyond whatever meanings we might impose on them. They are meaninglessness… pure existence, unadulterated by the human.

The moment we incorporate the world into words we falsify it, make distinctions, form concepts, abstract what is in essence without thought or meaning. Then we weave our subtle games of culture till we begin to believe our lies are truth; our truths, reality. We’ve built worlds of make-believe that have in turn ruled over our lives like gods of an insane horror tale. Our belief in the modern systems of command and control that weave the threads of this megaentity we name Capital is one such hyperstitional entity that has power over us. That it is inhuman and alien is beyond doubt; and it seeking only its own infestation and survival is another harsh lesson were are learning. We would like to blame someone for this, so we construct elaborate conspiracy theories around this strange entity, exposing a whole tradition of culprits that have finally ended in the secret capture system of our age, Neoliberalism. But this, too, is a reality produced by our invalid understanding of things. There is no one behind things, no secret group pulling the strings, no ultimate system of corruption, rather there is this impersonal power of the system itself in all its inhuman indifference. A creation of our own instrumental reasoning powers, nothing more; nothing less.

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