Exit Strategies: Kickstarter Projects for Leaving Capitalism?

One could imagine a Kickstarter Project: Exit the Future or The Promethean Projeckt … the creation of an exit strategy game that allows the disaffected of the world to participate, along with their enemies: the top .01% percenters who rule the global ruins of Capital. The Cathedral (Moldbug) against the rest of us. Hype it for both technologic fixes, and old school. Set certain parameters and variables to pit Left and Right forms with/against and encourage real world solutions only. Show the extreme forms of Left and Right accelerationist or exodus ideologies, egregores, memes, viral agents, hyperstitions enacting the various strategies.

I think we’re caught at the nexus of a multi-polar time-war. The realm Deleuze and Guattari ascribed to the conjunctive “And… and… and…”. We sift through the ruins seeking a doorway into the future, but what we discover is a multiplicity of futures seeking to collapse upon our present instant. Virilio’s motion sickness. We are transitional beings caught up in a matrix of the impossible, knowing we do not know enough, yet we move forward as our kind always has boldly and with solidarity in the face of all odds against us. A realism of disaster, or an anti-realism of sheer stupidity? Take your pick, join the Wars of Time… a post-narrative, pop-up galaxy, where time-space void all adaptations, and those appropriating the cultural memes of others are annihilated on the spot. A world rife for the making, a time-between-times when nothing is known and all is possible. A sort of Rube-Goldberg machine for adult children to rebuild the future according to whim. A dominion of PR reps from the future blending in with the oblivious citizens of our present moment. All guided by hyperstitions that are enacting the moment we will end history and our own species, as well. What will emerge from this dastardly brew of comic nihilism and fantastic transrealism? Only your local H.P. Lovecraft Club knows for sure. Hop on the Beetle Juice bus, wank the world tube and stream on it to this latest addition to the cyberfamines of depleted lore and hijinks. Enter your own nightmare world replete with designated cubicles of forlorn data and scattered lore from philosophical machines long dead where the PR firms of tomorrow capitalize on your cosumertariat mass potential today.

Nick Land would say this of the Cathedral,

To comprehend the emergence of our contemporary predicament, characterized by relentless, totalizing, state expansion, the proliferation of spurious positive ‘human rights’ (claims on the resources of others backed by coercive bureaucracies), politicized money, reckless evangelical ‘wars for democracy’, and comprehensive thought control arrayed in defense of universalistic dogma (accompanied by the degradation of science into a government public relations function)… With every year that passes, the international ideal of sound governance finds itself approximating more closely and rigidly to the standards set by the Grievance Studies departments of New England universities. This is the divine providence of the ranters and levelers, elevated to a planetary teleology, and consolidated as the reign of the Cathedral.

Envision such an entity existing, our world as it is. A globalist neo-authoritarian order that encloses the global commons within a universal scheme of total command and control, through a combination of ICT’s (information and communications technologies), nanotech, biotech, and datatech solutions. One in which individuals no longer exist, only dividuals; or, the trace one makes within the cognitive zones, one’s imprint and motion. For in this near future scenario one is ‘clipped’: one is marked with a biogenetic tracer that will follow one no matter where you are on the planet. With no where to hide one is part of a global surveillance society that allows/disallows access to resources based on rules one has not access too. One is fucked from get go. A worldwide tyranny of the Cathedral. A global enforcement agency to carry out the rules and regulations of the Cathedral’s administration which acts like a bureaucracy of powers non-elected, but rather part of a neo-cameralist order.

As Land would suggest, “Once the universe of democratic corruption is converted into a (freely transferable) shareholding in gov-corp. the owners of the state can initiate rational corporate governance, beginning with the appointment of a CEO. As with any business, the interests of the state are now precisely formalized as the maximization of long-term shareholder value. There is no longer any need for residents (clients) to take any interest in politics whatsoever. In fact, to do so would be to exhibit semi-criminal proclivities. If gov-corp doesn’t deliver acceptable value for its taxes (sovereign rent), they can notify its customer service function, and if necessary take their custom elsewhere. Gov-corp would concentrate upon running an efficient, attractive, vital, clean, and secure country, of a kind that is able to draw customers. No voice, free exit.”

Now envision how the Left approaches such a state of affairs. Bring together scientists, philosophers, scholars from various multi-disciplines, developers, architects, SF authors, etc. Encourage interactive solutions based on existing functional and modular designs or other forms to be tested. Make it an Open Source distribution with multiple applications for specific global/local problems/issues…

One possible scenario is Inventing the Future: Postcapitalism and a World Without Work by Srnicek and Williams. Srnicek and Williams believe the left needs to create a much broader ‘counter hegemonic’ movement, learning from the approach of the neoliberals over the last 70 years. The initial goal of this project should be to expand the “Overton Window” – the breadth of what it is possible to discuss as part of ‘normal’ political discourse. While protest movements such as Occupy will form part of this, the movement should they believe be more eclectic with a range of elements within the overall drive for change.

Or Franco Berardi’s notion of exiting capitalism.  “In the old industrial age, the process of antagonism, liberation, and the creation of autonomy was essentially a matter of exiting the space of production, of leaving the factory and creating a community around the refusal to work. In the times we are living in now, the topography of social composition has changed. In the digital age, the community of workers do not need to — and really can’t — come out of society’s “factory”. We have to change the network while remaining inside it. This is the difficulty of the present condition. For the industrial worker, refusal was easy in a sense.” (see here)

Of course we shouldn’t forget the Luddite fringe either, those like Derrick Jensen and those radicals of withdrawal from the Machine. “At some point, sooner or later—and by now rather much sooner than later—the collapse will be the big one, and this culture and its unspeakable destructiveness will no longer have such power to destroy. At that point, we—all of us who identify with and who have aligned ourselves with the real, physical world, and all of us who are part of the real, physical world, save those of this culture who pretend this culture is more important than life on this planet—can begin, ourselves, to rest and recover. Until then, it is not time to rest, not time to hold back, not time to not fight back with all of who and what we are, not time to not give everything we have to this struggle against this culture that destroys everyone, everything, and everywhere. Until this culture collapses—until we align with the natural world to help bring it down, to help make this collapse, or the next one, or the one after that, the final collapse of this culture—it is time to hold on tight in our hearts to what and whom we love, and to push as hard as we can against this culture’s relentless omnicide, and then to push harder than we ever thought we could, and then harder, and harder still. Until this culture collapses it is time to push against and past our own fears and other self-imposed limitations, to push again, to push harder, and to push harder still, and to fight, to fight for our own lives and more importantly the lives of those we love, for the life of the land and air and water and soil and trees and fish and birds and frogs and slugs and salamanders and all others who give us life. Until this culture collapses it is time to fight, and to fight harder than we ever thought we could, and then harder, and harder still, and to not give up, but to keep holding tight to what and whom we love, to keep pushing, to keep fighting. Because someday, sooner or later—and by now, rather much sooner than later—we’re going to win.”1

A near future real world game that actually is a real-time solution game to solve crisis issues facing us. Putting hyperstition to work enacting the thing we want, envisioning the very future we’re tending toward. A sort of bid for developing end-game solutions to tackle real world issues: Climate Change, Sea Level, Hunger, Refugees, War, etc. ..

For many the future exists as pure spectacle; that is, as a proliferation of semiotic systems and simulations which increasingly serve to replace physical human experience and interaction. With the emergence of interactive VR more and more people will be trapped in a gaze that molds and modulates their natural lives. Humans will superimpose visual cues from technical systems onto real-time landscapes, the inscapes of the Cloud based intelligence systems and the external smart systems of embedded nanosensors will merge within their eyes compass supplying the intstantaneous movement of this consumertariat with pre-digested realities forever pre-cluding the once natural right to imaginative thought. Memory off-loaded to the vast cloud will offer the prosumer a chance to forget herself, to be alive like a mindless creature full of happy prospects. Instead of education, one will let one’s servants, the Servitors (Robots) do one’s thinking for one. One will no longer be bothered by the natural decision making faculties, one will become totally dependent on the reality queues of artificial intelligence both within and without. Mindless, humans will wander the sentient enclaves of futurial cityscapes undreamt of by those apes on the savannahs of ancient worlds. Caught in a false infinity humans will believe they are the masters of fate, when in actuality they’ve become the slaves of their own technological handiwork.

Of course such a satirical take is to be dismissed, but not so easily. Some see the future collapsing upon us, capitalism as an inhuman machinic intelligence whose only purpose is to end history and humanity; others, see the human as an extension of the inhuman, a technological mode of being that has always been there but for the most part was swept under the rug of metaphysical bullshit; while others see the future shifting between Utopian wish fulfilment and Dystopian Angst. Who will win out? Anyone? Will anything human remain? Some say, no; others, yes. Let the Games begin…

(I may add other thoughts… )

Take something like The Future is Now as just an example.


  1. Jensen, Derrick; Mcbay, Aric (2011-01-04). What We Leave Behind (p. 402). Seven Stories Press. Kindle Edition.

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