HyperCapitalism in the Fun House!

It’s almost strange to realize that advanced hypercapitalism of the new Smart or Intelligent City that is hyped to supplant and replace our current global cities will return us to our jungles. I mean this new technoutopian vision is animistic in design and purpose, building environments that will predict and preempt our lives through tracking and anticipation. The environment will be alive, will have eyes and ears – a sensorsium of millions of sensors; all coordinated to anticipate our every need, as well as punish our every offense. We will live in a surround of externalized surveillance 24/7. And with the addition of nanomachines installed in our systems we will also be monitored from within by cellular daemons for good of ill. Deleuze and Foucault were both right, our world will become an absolute Panopticon, but will be modulated by the production of dividuality as well. Control immanent and transcendent will monitor from within and without guiding, tracing, sorting, selecting, analyzing, and computing every aspect of our lives. We will continuously produce code that can be brought to bare within a totalitarian system of consumerist inclusion, while for those whose status within the system is extraneous will have every aspect of their lives controlled and excluded. Access comes with a price, there will be no free lunches in the future consumer paradise.

Seems our corporatocracy has thought of everything, designed a world where at the touch of a button you too can be reprogrammed to meet some agenda not your own, work at the beck and call of a free market society in which securitization is promoted as pure freedom. Most of this will come about gradually as the older generations who feared the digital are buried, and their children grow up within the digital empire to total surveillance capitalism. Where your life is mapped to the coded data scripts of corporate developers, your neuralcircuits rammed with the lively conversations of a million engines of creation, and your love life snapped into place by hormonal injections of just-in-time machinations. Surrounded by the InfoSphere you’ll never know you’re inside an artificial box, just another algorithmic citizen living joyously in a clockwork world without clocks. Time will disappear because you will have become process and nothing else.

Orwell has nothing on us now…

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