Jean Baudrillard as Religious Atheist

Many never truly realize how religious a man Jean Baudrillard was, how his atheism empowered him to take art seriously; not serious as in some philosophical way, but in the sense of that true ironic play over the bridge of the Abyss. As he’d remark in his short essay ‘The Conspiracy of Art’:

“Nullity, however, is a secret quality that cannot be claimed by just anyone. Insignificance – real insignificance, the victorious challenge to meaning, the shedding of sense, the art of the disappearance of meaning – is the rare quality of a few exceptional works that never strive for it. There is an initiatory form of Nothingness, or an initiatory form of Evil. … When Nothing surfaces in signs, when Nothingness emerges at the very heart of the sign system, that is the fundamental event of art. The poetic operation is to make Nothingness rise from the power of signs – not banality or indifference toward reality but radical illusion.”

In this he remained true to Nietzsche… one of the sacred tribe of Dionysian’s!

2 thoughts on “Jean Baudrillard as Religious Atheist

  1. It’s a fascinating notion as an explanatory one. It makes me think of a kind of process of that kind of withrdrawing nullity of the ready-to-hand which then might re-emerge as definite theoretical being then in turn being (as art) re-presented in such a way to show the primordial nothingness.

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