Rogue Nation of Japan – Whale Killer’s Launch Fleet


In defiance of International Law the Outlaw Nation of Japan launched its whale fleet this week seeking over the next few months to kill 300 whales under the ruse of ‘scientific whaling’. Such defiance applauded by the Japanese should be cut in the nub by an International oppositional force. The blatant disregard for International Law is nothing less than a new form of terrorism against the natural order of things by a Rogue Nation. When will humans wake up and realize we all have an investment in the lands and oceans of this planet, and that no person, corporation, or nation is above the dictates of International Law. Otherwise we are officially living in anarchy without recourse or redresse against the powers of those entities that seek to benefit and gain and profit from life what can bring death to our future on this planet.

As we kill off the oceans, kill off the Amazonian forests, add more and more to the desertification across Africa and other continents our future looks bleak. Yet, our mediatized and passive populace spends their time tweeting and producing waste rather than action. Hell, I’m guilty of that myself. What to do? If Law can no longer hold a nation from going rogue then we’ve entered a new stage of barbarism that bodes the end of civilization as we’ve known it. Only time will tell.

From Reuters:

Japan’s whaling fleet set out for the Antarctic on Tuesday to resume a hunt for the mammals after a year-long hiatus, prompting criticism from Australia as well as key ally, the United States.

Japan aims to take more than 300 whales before the hunt ends next year and nearly 4,000 over the next 12 years as part of a scientific programme to research the whales.

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruled last year that Japan’s whaling in the Southern Ocean should stop and an International Whaling Commission (IWC) panel said in April that Japan had yet to demonstrate a need for killing whales.

But Tokyo retooled its plan for the 2015/16 season to cut the number of minke whales it intends to take to 333, down by two-thirds from previous hunts.

“Last year, regrettably, the ICJ made its ruling and we were unable to take whales,” said Tomoaki Nakao, the mayor of the western city of Shimonoseki that is home to the whaling fleet and part of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s election district.

“There’s nothing as happy as this day,” he told the fleet’s crew at a ceremony prior to their departure.

Shortly before noon the ships sailed away under a clear blue sky, with family members and officials waving from the shore. The hunt is expected to last until March.

Japan, which has long maintained that most whale species are not endangered and that eating whale is part of its food culture, began what it calls “scientific whaling” in 1987, a year after an international whaling moratorium took effect.

The meat ends up on store shelves, although most Japanese no longer eat it.

Read more at Reuters

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