In Times Such As These


It could be like that at times:
squeeze of a hand, fellow-feeling,
sympathy, shoulder-tap – saying,
“Trust the impossible world!”

Just before the balance shifts
things turn chaotic, confused;
(confusing the abstract Real
with its suspect dependency
the executioner – gun in hand,
complicit, deadly – shakes
the earth and leaves lose
their way among the seasons:
winter’s white drafts enframe us;
thought goes blank; the eye
in the eye turns opaque
as obsidian); men go under,
life swerves downward
and inward toward nullity:
that which no longer believes
things in-between upsets
the balance and the truce:
outside and inside, crosswise
pass each other, disturbed, lost.

When relations shoot the gap,
touch the visible dark, a seal
against day’s brash light; things
go North, suffer the sun’s burden,
rush the turbulent lights of dawn.
A sudden reprieve from the harsh
news of reality brings one back
to that inner order of one’s being;
a staying hand, a gesture
that says it all in defiance of silence,
bringing memory and pain to a pitch,
revealing our darkness: bare and violent.

Can justice be balanced in such acts as these?

– Steven Craig Hickman ©2015 Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author is strictly prohibited.

3 thoughts on “In Times Such As These

  1. For the sake of a piece of lead, a second to travel from the moment that a finger twitched at a slamming door
    A hand tightly grips the metal that sent the angel of death, the other had a shade of red as to the wound it pressed
    Child nearby cried at the scene of the act with wide eyed innocence about to shatter with the fatal fall
    The one with weapon gripped turns the barrel to thier own head, a silence follows the sound that causes his end
    All for the reason that she demanded more than he could give, desperation for approval from one who would turn to another just as quick
    For her happiness, anothers fatality the price


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