A Black Day in Paris


…………..– for the fallen dead and living

How does one respond to violence?
What answer in this bitterness, this defeat?
Why? Why this hatred against order,
such rage of young men – unthinking,
followers of a spite and hate?
Victims of another order of doubt?

Dark the ways of such extreme men as these.

………………………And, what of these,
fallen ones, these children –
fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters,
sons, daughters: victims of such savagery?

One wants to answer this not with violence
but with something else, something full of light
rather than this dark habitation of cruelty
and despair; yet, what can be said,
how give voice to pain, mourn the dead –
stand against such infamy?

To blame is to fall back into that rational universe.
No. Moral tribunals will not answer such crimes.
Haven’t we guessed yet that this is not about that?

Security? Can there be such a thing in this life?
Haven’t we already forfeited our secure truths,
forgone the comfort of safety in a world such as this?
Did we ask for this? Was this what we wanted?
How ignorant to think such things, to even give shape
to an illusion, a lie such as that?

When did we give up our humanity, enter another order of being?

There can be no message, no communication in violence;
this sacrifice of innocence has its repetitions, its histories.
No there will be no word to save us from such dark worlds.

Can their be a politics beyond rage?

Where to begin when beginning is not an option,
when communication fails and language ends in nihil?

This is not the time to question but to mourn and be:
a time for remembrance and forbearance,
a time for grief and families, for children and old men,
for mothers holding their dear ones, for fathers
standing with their comrades in tears; for women
everywhere who see such acts as these by men;
a time of silence not words, a time to live and care,
a time to reach out and dare, to touch
each others lives, give back a measure of the light.

…….Love, not death is the only answer to violence;
yet, love does not exist in such times as these
when men go down in such defeat against the light.

– Steven Craig Hickman ©2015 Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author is strictly prohibited.

4 thoughts on “A Black Day in Paris

  1. It does exist, it’s merely not cohesive as worldwide “whole love” – separated by borders and the lines that divide our Continents, Countries and Nations. The only way to stop “whole hate” – as they have ultimately realized the fundamental strength of “whole” – is for we, united as a planet, a people, begin to understand the enormous importance of “whole” … break down the boundaries that divide us and become “whole love.” Love will always triumph over hate … but you cannot push back against pure, potent, solid hate, with love that is not as solidly potent. I just wrote about this today, not in poetic form, but as many, on this very subject.

    I loved your writing, the feeling behind it, the form of it and how much it makes one think.

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