Midnight’s Consolamentum


After midnight begins the intoxication of pernicious truths.
……….– E.M. Cioran

Things dark encircle us
(and in this nomadic wandering

nocturnal music tolls
against the outer sense of things)
as we scuttle across black seas,
inwardly around the indomitable
fierceness of this ruinous spark…

Children of a forgotten thought,
laborers in the negative,
shifting among the shadows
against the wall of night…
Silently moving among terrors
we come at last to the station of excess:
the cold allure that trembles on her lips,
the cartographic smile that disdains all use,
the perturbation of her luminous progeny:
Heimarmene’s scattered throng, alignments
and necessities; geometries of a merciless order;
lamentations between love and sleep…

Uselessness is our lot,
broken vessels of a blacker light.
Our blank gaze befits this zone of hate and dispersal.
The jackals rising in the cities: multitudes, blinded
followers of the insipid lie, harbingers of a new apocalypse,
cattle in the sewers of time; these denizens
who habituate silence and stone tombs, cherishing
a last tribute to the fetid god of solitaires: dreamers
dreaming of the nothingness to come,
the bastard and his lover who will chart our emptiness,
cross the gulf that separates time from time…

Did you truly think the lord of my deep mind
would harbor such doubts as this?

Wisdom fell long ago, her shade wandering among phantasms
where she seeks the hidden child among his broken toys;
her face shines among the solitudes, a remnant
who still believes, unlike us who long ago were thrown into this indifference.
Each one must work out her own salvation. The voices murmuring
like black angels begin the ceremony of death, midnight’s consolamentum.
The unholy water dripping onto her, the prying hands enfolding her carnal flesh,
her breath heaving in the warmth of a moonless night, delights…

Sparks flickering out one by one:
where laughter is the only consolation…

– Steven Craig Hickman ©2015 Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author is strictly prohibited.

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